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Thread: Finale Discussion 11/24 **Spoilers**

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    She did say her family was poor, and the money would help them, she didn't know how much money it was in Czech $.

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    I don't know what the Texas real estate value of the ranch that was given to David is, but I'm sure it's got to be over a million dollars!
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    Thank you FOX for delivering a wonderful and entertaining finale!! Feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I wish Linda, David, and Cat the best of luck. Tomorrow the JM2 withdrawals start kicking in.

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    Maybe Fox got a deal on the ranch. :-) Perhaps it was from some Oil millionaire who went bankrupt.

    Still... a good point has been brought up. How could David even pay his taxes? Even Linda's money wouldn't cover it for more than a few years, and he also needs money for livestock or something--which can cost millions all by itself.

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    Reasons that Linda and David might actually have a shot at a real relationship:

    Both are shy, have a hard time articulating their feelings, and emote almost solely by facial expression.

    They both seemed to be more concerned with the other's happiness/feelings than with their own. David's expression of joy when Linda was told of the $250K struck me as entirely genuine. Likewise, Linda shared in David's excitement when he learned about the deed to the ranch.

    David and Linda both come from poor backgrounds. Their relationship may seem more equal now that the lavish lifestyle is gone. Yeah, Linda did say that she has never been treated so well before; but I am going to delude myself into believing that when David makes her animal-shaped pancakes for breakfast, she will sigh and say "No one has ever made me breakfast before".
    It is the thought that counts, in other words.

    Lastly, David appreciates the rare quality that Linda has and Cat, frankly, lacked entirely: she was genuine. He kept saying "pure" until I wanted to throw a fork at the TV, but I am stubbornly going to once again delude myself into believing that he meant genuine (mixed with two parts sweet).

    OK, now watch as next week on these boards we discover that Linda indeed moved to Texas but has shacked up with Evan Marriott and that Davidís relationship with his dog is every bit as sordid as it looked there for a minute tonight.

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    Paul to David when Paul gave David the deed:

    "This house, these 90 acres, everything on the land, the toxic waste dump beyond these trees and the radiated soil from the uranium storage are all yours."

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    [QUOTE=Jules1972]that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard (sending David to a ranch to get used to Texas) you don't get reverse culture shock (coming BACK HOME) after only having been gone a few months (if he was even gone that long). The culture shock for Cowboy Dave was Italy and those European women who could smoke and drink anyone under the table in Texas (except rugby players)

    No way to private message you but wanted to give you an opportunity to inform yourself about something I know I bit about.

    First, it was just a ploy the producers were using to get David to the ranch. That is why David was saying what he did in the voice over.

    Secondly I think you might find yourself a bit surprised if you will do an advanced Google search on (Missions reentry) and leave out the words (space, manned, flight) You will find 2340 hits mostly about resources for people returning from missions, most often on short term trips. The impact can be huge and life changing especially when returning from a third world country or in the case of Haiti a fourth world country because of its devastating poverty. Reverse culture shock, me, unable to go into a US grocery store for months.

    Any comments please private message me so we get this off of the main board or direct me to another better spot to discuss. .

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    I was happy with the outcome, although the script sounded eerily like several other reality dating show dialogues to the extent that my husband asked whether they share the same writers. Anyway, I always thought there was a real attraction between David and Linda and I sort of hoped that they would end up together. I thought it was sweet that the final reunion was at another ranch (shades of Linda's first return). Nice touch that Fox gave David property and Linda money. I would be hopeful that David and Linda are still together but there are BIG roadblocks to maintaining a long distance relationship (I wonder if Linda is an employee of Fox and is still in the country). I think at least you could tell that there was chemistry between David and Linda which was not there, evidently, between Evan and Zora. Too bad there isn't another venue for Paul...I think his personality was wasted, uh, unused this season.
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    Wasn't there a "after the rose" or such show last year? Where Evan and Zora were reunited after watching the show?

    I didn't see any ads for it last night.

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    Being the eternal closet romantic, I want to believe that they had genuine feelings for each other, and can have a shot at a future.....Linda made a comment about not expecting to come on a tv show and actually finding love, which makes me ponder why she left the first time. She had feelings for him, but was afraid (I mean, she had a hard enough time listening to Cat's recaps of dates, imagine her having to do that with Olinda and Anique and the rest?). Insecurities can hit the most secure of people once personal emotions are involved, and with the way Olinda was shown to be towards Cat....well, I wouldn't be surprised that the cutting room floor holds similiar scenes between Linda and Olinda.

    I think they should've twisted the end there, with the check and the land and pulled a FLOM...."Linda, you now have a choice, you can take this check and agree to never see David again, or you can give it back and start a life together..." And if she chose David, again, give him the ranch and her the check anyways...Just as a test....

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