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Thread: And now for the Grand Finale...

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    Captain America

    And now for the Grand Finale...

    My money's on Linda to win tonight, if "win" is the right word.

    She's sweet and gorgeous, if somewhat fragile. Cat played the game the best, but not even her great looks and blatant sexuality will be enough to overcome David's attraction to Linda.

    I'm kind of hoping that Linda will see through Cat tonight and come up with a trick or two of her own. But I doubt that will be necessary.

    I'll be glued to the tv, watching this train wreck with my hands over my face, peering through my fingers.

    By the way, John, what happened to the poll? I can't find it anywhere.

    Oops, never mind. I found it, hiding under "Polls." Pretty clever, John.
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    Premium Member Bumpkin's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    I'm looking forward to it, Captain.

    My AOL front screen today has the caption, "Will David's choice break Cat's heart?"

    Based on that alone, I'd say he picks Cat. I believe Linda has been pushed on us heavily, (much like good-girl Zora from last season) and that Cat will be the ultimate winner.

    The video clip shows more night-time shots of David tossing and turning in his bed, ad-nausem voice overs about "Cat is sexy, beautiful" and "Linda is sweet and pure." We see Linda and Cat talking in the parlor, and the scene of Linda comforting Cat.

    So what if we haven't seen the non-physical side of their relationship? I think we all assume Cat to be such a cool customer, but she may truly have developed feelings for David.

    Still, I don't think she's the kind of girl to stay with a penniless David. And If David picks Cat, she turns him down and the "twist" is what we expect: David really *does* have a trust fund of some sort. Well, that's just good TV.

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    Hello Mr. Anderson RickiRick's Avatar
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    When reducing the women from 3 to 2, I think David finally come down to this: "Linda just came back to the show...I just can't cut her again after the pain it caused both of us the first time." His only real decision then was between Cat and Petra for the remaining spot.

    So the only question in my mind is whether David has overcome his reluctance to cut Linda a second time. All the other issues comparing Cat and Linda are not meaningful if he hasn't come to the point that he can break Linda's heart twice.

    I don't think he has arrived at that point, so he will pick Linda "by default."

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    FORT Fogey Noreen's Avatar
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    Reading your thoughts
    It seems to come down to Love or Lust, I think love, ..... uh, Linda

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    FORT Fan
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    David may be reminded by the producer (a la JM1) to choose someone who likes him for who he is.

    So, he is going to pick Linda, but Linda will not show up as the twist.

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    IT IS OVER!!! From the Germany!!!
    My friend of hinterem home in Germany saw this episode on living lining cable. The secret born men is were all women in the contest! They had sex-change businesses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain America
    I'll be glued to the tv, watching this train wreck with my hands over my face, peering through my fingers.

    Same here...I'm almost embarassed to be watching. It' so bad it's good.


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    Under Investigation Tirlittan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    My AOL front screen today has the caption, "Will David's choice break Cat's heart?"
    Since when does Cat have a heart to break in the first place? AOL is not seeing the same girl I am.

    I do not know which girl I am rooting for. Linda could really be the one for David, but could she overcome the lie (as a lie, money itself being not a concern), and should she overcome the lie. This final episode is probably all we would have needed to see of the whole show
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    [/QUOTE]I'll be glued to the tv, watching this train wreck with my hands over my face, peering through my fingers.[QUOTE]

    My thoughts exactly! Oh how did I let myself get this hooked into one show?'s killing me. I've played out every scenario and have finally given up on how it will play out. This finale is definitely hyped better than the last JM, IMHO.

    I just wanna see the clip of whoever it is screaming at David, "I hate you David, I hate you!"

    Ahhhhhh...only 3 more hours to go. Guess I'll spend my time on here waiting for it to begin.

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    Haunted Lady
    [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I cannot understand how someone of my intelligence and refinement got involved in such sordid happenings - but I have and must follow to the end. Joe would be wise to choose Cat. She can probably handle the inevitable disappointment when she learns he's not (personally) wealthy, and, franklu, I think she wants a green card more than green $$$. Linda is a bit too needy and I just have a bad feeling about her. Can't say exactly why. Phony, maybe? Too good to be true? Not sure. We'll all know 2 or 3 hours.

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