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Thread: Is David Dumb?

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    I've got to be in the minority. I don't think the lad is all that bright. It has nothing to do with him being a country boy.

    Of course he's probably not a slimeball like Evan Marriott. Unless he's a much better actor than he's ever let on, he does have the benefit of being genuine.

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    I never thought of him as stupid . I take great offence at simply labelling him as not too bright because he is just a kid fresh from the country.
    He just didn't take to being a media whore and scum as well as Marriot did. As soon as Marriot had the half mil , it was Zora who? With David he really did seem to be in it for the girl and the adventure. Getting him to do the media rounds will probably not be easy.

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    I don't know if he's dumb, but last night when he said to Linda "When I first seen you ...." I knew that English wasn't his best subject in school!!

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't go for guys who can't speak "proper" English. That would definitely have turned me off. Anyway, Linda probably didn't even know the difference!!

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    I think his naivete("Olinda has a GREAT personality"), unsophistication(thinking that the statue of David in the street was the original), and general lack of creating interesting dialogue (too many to choose from), help to create an aura of dumbness.

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    I agree with the poster who said that it's probably more naivete and not being as unsophisticated than an intelligence issue. Personally, I think that he's just a very sweet guy who was in over his head. I can't really believe that the producers of the show thought he could pass himself off as a multi millionaire but apparently I underestimated what women are willing to believe in the name of the almight dollar.

    Personally I think Linda and he are perfect for one another. They both seem shy and unassuming, caring people.

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    Captain America
    The perception that David is dumb probably has at least something to do with his Texas accent. I grew up in Georgia and even there the perception was that the more pronounced your accent the dumber you probably were.

    Like Lenny Bruce once said, if Albert Einstein had grown up in the south he'd never have been able to invent the atom bomb because everyone would have laughed at his talk of "newkleeare fishin'."

    As the holder of a post-graduate degree, I can also attest that having an education doesn't necessarily make you smarter (although it should), it just makes you better educated. In some cases, an education only serves to drum whatever common sense one may have right out of you.

    So David may not be terribly well educated, but I don't think he's dumb. After all, he picked Linda.

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    I said I don't think it has anything with him being a country boy. Is there some rule that you have to give country boys some extra latitude simply because they are country boys? It's not his accent either. It's the halting way he speaks, the desperate search for words, and yes, to some degree his lack of education. He's not from a third world country--people in the "country" aren't isolated from educational resources and I'm not sure it serves them to explain a simple person as a "country boy" as a defense. I'd sooner believe the logic that education was unavailable to him if he was a poor city boy, froma ghetto somewhere, where sometimes even the brilliant sink under because of the weight of the burden of where they live.

    He's not plug stupid, but he's not terribly bright either. He seems like a nice guy--a nice SIMPLE guy--and "dumb" may be a rude word. But I don't think he needs excuses either. I'm tempted to be politically correct a bit and say he's "average", but I think he might still be a bit less than that.

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    He's not stupid

    He sounds a little naive but he's also sweet. I'm from Texas and a lot of "cowboys" talk that way, very plain speak, at least the ones I've met. I'm sure he also spoke that way because he was trying to communicate with the women. I was very happy the way things turned out and if his ranch is outside of Austin, then he's got himself a beautiful piece of land. It's gorgeous out there. I hope he and Linda make it.

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    Once the novelty of the relationship wears off, do you really think these two have a future together?

    I get the impression that Linda is much more educated than David, and that she will eventually become bored. David seems much more comfortable with his horse than with other people. I expected him to shake her hand when she showed up at the ranch. Don't get me wrong, i think their personalities (shy, genuinely caring for each other) work well together ... almost more like a brother & sister than boyfriend & girlfriend.

    I hope the best for them, but I may be cynical about their future together -- after the camera crews have packed up and gone and her check has cleared her bank account.

    If they are still together a year from now, then I expect them to be together forever. But that's a "big IF".

    p.s. If David was simplifying his speech for the benefit of European women where English is a second (or fourth) language, then you would expect David to be more well-spoken during confessionals and when talking to "Mister Paul". I didn't see it (or hear it) from him. He's a simple guy with a squeaky voice. And a ranch -- which was literally handed to him on a silver platter!
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    I think Kathy Griffith couldnt even get a guy as good as David ..I like the guy. I think I would be bored if I dated him, but he is a great human...wish more guys were like them. I do I do !!!

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