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Thread: Linda or Cat?

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    Linda or Cat?

    There was a picture that showed Cat crying and Linda consoling her. I don't know where the link is anymore (if someone has it please post it) but this got me thinking.

    I think Linda will win and when Cat gets rejected, she breaks down and Linda trys to help her.

    Cat really is in love with David. I think Cat loves his personality, his looks, his wealth, the fact she can leave Germany. I think this all plays a role.

    I also think Linda will win and she will pick David because no one wants to look like a money hungry person. Though it won't last because who wants to be decieved like that on a tv show.

    Linda seems to be the romantic type. I don't know about innocent because of the modeling gig. Not to say those who model are sluts, but having seen some of her model revealing pics...hmmm....I find it hard to believe. Doesn't mean she isn't romantic and innocent when she needs to be. I'm 24 (male) and women think I'm a virgin and all innocent! Its just that I am shy and act differently to different people, which Linda may be. And in no way is Cat innocent....but she carries herself very well which I like, and I think everyone here does as well.

    The more I see Linda on screen, the more I'm confused about her. Is she in it for money or for David or for regret, regret that she didn't give David a chance? Linda is the type that would require lots of attention in a relationship, just not a lot of attention in a group setting. hmmm

    Honestly, I think any man or women who accepts the winner of a show like this where the premise is all about lies and deciet have very serious confidence issues. That person will always be viewed as second, subservient to the winner.

    I don't know what the twist will be in the end will be though....

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    Forgot to add one last thing. Regardless who we like, the winner is going to be someone David likes.

    What is David looking for?

    David is looking for someone who is not in it for the money and would like him for who he is. Can live in a ranch and he feels attracted to (of course).

    So thats why I'm picking Linda. She seems less interested in money and would seem interested in living in a ranch, at least more so than Cat. And really, anyone think David is going to still do what he is doing now? Hell no, he (probably like everyone else) has a desire to go HOLLYWOOD!!! You've got to be if you want to go on a show like this.

    Evan, Trista, Aaron, Alex, Bob, Erin!! They all did it to further their careers. David, a nice guy, is no different!

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    ok i've been catching the show for weeks now but haven't bothered comment on anything yet but watching the show last night i have to say NO FAIR!

    Who does Linda thinks she is? If you're a goner you're a goner! It wasn't fair to Petra or to Anique for that matter!

    I hope cat wins... at least she put some effort into winning Dave's love..... what has Linda done? Nothing! She just whines and moans and being picky and emotional for what?

    She probably said to herself she missed the opportunities to collect some of the bracelets before so she's pissed and wanted to go back to the show to get her share...... gold-diggin bitch!

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    She may have not gotten necklaces ... but she did get a purse ... ... it was a really really really nice purse .... !
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Oh yea! Don't get me started with that damn purse.... what was Dave thinking? Linda doesn't deserve it!

    She hasn't proven herself to Dave on anything... i mean would you buy a girl you met basically on a first date for the first time a 1000 dollar purse?

    Where was Linda when the other girls was competing for a one-on-one date in the beginning? Where was her when cat had to endure the bickering and trash talking at the hotel? Where was her when all the other girls had all the experiences, good or bad, she missed?

    Linda is the one who should beg and please Dave and to prove herself to him... not the other way round....

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    Hey, all. I don't think David bought those purse and oter gifts for her. I think it's just that the producer bought something and sent it to Linda to keep her think she is special and loved by David. Mayeb all David did was to sign that little note, if he did any... just my thoght.. and Linda was of course happy, since she thought David went to buy those. all the way just for her..

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    David and Cat's relationship seems to be driven heavily by physical attraction. That's not a bad thing but I think only Linda has the potential to make David "melt" inside... they seem to connect more on a emotional level and I think this will ultimately drive David's decision.

    One striking similaritiy between Cat and David is their general level of discipline, both in their character and in their careers. Character-wise, David's southern conservative upbringing and that hard-body of his are sure evidence of self discipline. Cat's good ability to deal with the brunt of a lot negativity thrown at her from the other girls shows she's tuff stuff. Career-wise, David works long hours at a job he absolutely loves for little pay. I don't know if Cat is a radio or club DJ, but the club DJs I know are in it for the love of the music and many of them have second jobs to supplement their income.

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    I think Linda is a head case- very insecure in that the very day she came back on the show she was already obsessing abot David kissing the other girls and p*$#ing and moaning that she thought she and David had something special. She needs to get over it she ASKED to leave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    I think only Linda has the potential to make David "melt" inside... they seem to connect more on a emotional level and I think this will ultimately drive David's decision.
    I agree with you Big Kahuna.
    David is the kind of guy who will go with his heart.

    I applaud Cat, she did everything she could to win David. There are very few guys who would have been able to resist her advances if they were in a one-on -one situation - I for one couldn't.

    I vote for David picking Linda
    She makes his heart go pitter-patter

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    Am I the only one who's noticed that Cat's an alcoholic and that she is always plying David with alcohol? Even when that woman is eating breakfast, there is a glass with wine nearby.

    Linda was my pick from Day One, she seems like a really nice lady, and the only one who doesn't drink like a fish or smokes like a chimney. Even so, I have a hard time understanding how someone who's in the cutthroat business of modeling could be so "weak".

    Linda mentioned in the second show, that her family never had a lot of money. I wish I was a fly on the wall, when she told them that the guy they went to meet was nice and gentle and that he had 80 million dollars and was particularly interested in her, but she left because the other ladies were jealous. I am sure that went over big. Gee, I wonder why she is back!

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