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Thread: Linda or Cat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickiRick
    I think that David has made a strategic mistake leading up to the final two. There are 3 key criteria he could use for eliminations: "most romantic/sexy", "best love/connection", and "most likely to make a good life partner and say 'yes' after hearing the truth."

    He has kept the "most sexy" and "best love/connection", but neither of these do well in the last category.

    None of the other women are sure bets for #3, but any of them would score better than Linda and Cat. The one that comes to mind is Petra, who I believe grew up on a farm. David may have had a chance with her. He has no chance w/ Linda or Cat; if they don't reject him immediately after hearing the lie, they will reject him within six months.

    While I thought it was so cute to see how smitten David was/is with Linda, neither she nor Cat ever really participated in the farm chores like Petra did. I think that Petra would have been the best bet to stay with David after the lie is revealed. Cat won't reject him until after she gets her visa to the States and a green card.
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    I pick Linda
    I liked her from day 1, and was upset, like David, when she left... but I was extremely happy when they announced that someone was coming back... I immediately knew it was Linda... so there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlantic
    There was a picture that showed Cat crying and Linda consoling her. I don't know where the link is anymore (if someone has it please post it) but this got me thinking.

    I think Linda will win and when Cat gets rejected, she breaks down and Linda trys to help her.

    This was from the scene on the last night after Cat had dinner with David. She was sad because there was nothing she could do to help David. They showed a little bit from this this scene on the show but not exactly this picture. There was so much that they didn't show that they should have shown. Anyway, at this point neither girl knew who would be choosen....but I wonder if deep down Cat knew he was going to choose Linda in the end.

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