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Thread: Linda

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyRI
    Linda quit! If Osten on Survivor thought about it and wanted back in the game, there's no way he'd be allowed back.!
    Survivor is a competition for a million dollars. While there likely is some sort of monetary gain in this at the end (if we use FLOM and JM1 as precedent), the goal of this "game" is to find David true love. If that means someone coming back into the scenario that could fulfill that goal, I see no problem with it.
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    Jerome Morrow


    As much as I want to think that Linda is as sweet and innocent as she plays on the show somehow I just cannot buy into it. Let me explain why.

    Linda is a model. I have seen some of her portfolio online and she seems to have done some work. I find it hard to believe that a woman who is in the modeling industry would be so naive about other women and so easily manipulated, and be completely destroyed when she finds out how catty and mean people can be to each other. By this rationale, if she should win the Lancome contract to be their new spokesperson she will quit or decline because she gets grief from the other ladies who did not win and resent her new job?

    And then there's the men. I had a friend who was a professional photographer in Chicago and he was constantly bedding his subjects, girls would literally climb through his window to sleep with him if he would take their picture. I am not saying that Linda is like that at all, but surely she has met one or two guys in the world that might lie to her to get her in the sack? Plus, we were constantly assured by these very girls that they are Europeans, and therefore are not troubled by the foolish and puritanical morality that Americans have. I am hoping Linda is not one of these types, but her innocent wide-eyed act to me seems unlikely at best.

    I will say that from the first I thought (and still do) think that she is very beautiful, and I would like to believe that such a lovely woman is as nice and genuine as her friend here (The Czech Republic poster, sorry I forgot your name) says she is. If this is true then what the devil is she doing on Joe Millionaire? I do not think she would be happy with a cowboy, no matter how much cash he might have - as there are few modeling jobs or upscale malls in northeast Texas, outside of the Wal-Mart and occasional Gap. I do not see her getting up at 0430 to feed the horses and muck out the stalls.

    But hey, I could be wrong... Doubt it though.

    Jerome Morrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome Morrow
    As much as I want to think that Linda is as sweet and innocent as she plays on the show somehow I just cannot buy into it. Let me explain why.
    No need to explain why. Linda's a fraud. Plain and simple.

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    [QUOTE=Atlantic][QUOTE=mom2]I saw where Linda works for a Czech communications business ... so when they had picture cellphones I thought, ahhhh, that's why she came back. Free advertising, free merchandise and it's a match made in Fox.

    Last night's show was sponsored in part by T-Mobile. They were using T-Mobile, which technically is not available in Europe unless you swap the European SIM card.

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    I also thought that Linda was somehow misunderstood that she was already a love for his life.. just by spending a few days with him. She said things like these to him
    *"I am sure it was difficult when I was gone..."
    *"I know how Cat feels for David, but I don't know how he feels for her" (as if she was so sure that how he feels for her was real.. )
    and he said again and again that "Oh,,, he wants to make me happy so much."
    I think she believes that she is already teh loev in his life... which is funny, because they only spent a few days together so far..

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulstan
    Last night's show was sponsored in part by T-Mobile. They were using T-Mobile, which technically is not available in Europe unless you swap the European SIM card.
    Eh, T-Mobile is a German (Deutsche Telekom AG) company and their service was available in continental Europe as well as the UK before it came to the US. If the American phones don't work over there in the more advanced 900-1800 MHz GSM world, well s***. I'm sure they provided them with cool compatible euro cell phones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    So...where are these modeling pics you speak of?
    "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best .. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by broken_pryncess
    i really think linda's a bit of a psycho. she acted like her and david had this "relationship" ... this "great love" before she left and acted like he was all torn up after she left. i think she's got some serious "issues"... delusional, possessive, and a few others perhaps. also, everyone keeps referring to her as "sweet" and "innocent" and "naive". has no one seen her "modeling pics"???
    Some of those photos are pretty wild, aren't they. I chalk it up to the agency or photographer wanting to go cutting edge.

    A "bit of a psycho" may be overstating it, but I have to agree with you that she appears to have some issues. I think she was probably sequestered in a hotel for a few days and had nothing to do besides fantasize about her "relationship" with a millionaire cowboy. Wow, all that after they had only one group date then a barbeque back at the ranch.

    In any case, I thought the present she bought for him was a very sweet thing to do. And I have to admire that she refused to kiss him because she didn't want to be "one of the girls in a row." I half-expected to see her rip up the thank you note she was writing when she spotted him making out with Cat, pack up her bags, toss the purses in the can and split.

    David's lost a few points in my book by becoming a bit of a horn dog, a la that Bachelor 4 guy. If he even suspects Linda's THE ONE, he should quit sticking his tongue down Cat's throat. I mean, c'mon. Have some decency already. And cutting Petra after telling her she's his favorite and making out with her on his balcony? Jeez, David. Show some respect.

    In some ways this show has devolved from an American cowboy (mis)matching up with sophisticated Euro women to one Bach 4-type impossibly romantic date after another. Too little Hurricane and too much red wine and caviar. They should be doing things that he supposedly would want to do with the woman in his life, like checking out local horse festivals and going to cattle auctions, not cruising the canals of Venice and playing Gladiator-dressup (the all-time worst idea for a date ever, IMHO). I'm not saying that they shouldn't do romantic city dates, too. But how about a return to country picnics and hanging out at the ranch house. After all, isn't it pre-supposed that he and his lady love would be living a rural lifestyle?
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    ah....so maybe dear Linda's not just back for the love of a good cowboy, is she?

    Her modeling career just might take off a bit after this exposure. Nice to have a backup plan if she finds the old economics degree isn't too useful.

    Poor David is going to get his heart broken. Although it's hard to be too sympathetic with a liar.

    -Randy (what a show LOL and I shouldn't be so cynical )

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    mmmmm, Miss Linda Kazdova.

    hehe, So is anyone going to actually email her???

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