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Thread: Is David Really Rich? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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    Captain America
    According to this article, David is pretty much in real life who he appears to be on tv.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GrammarGoddess
    I've always been curious about this $11,000 he says he makes. Is that before travel and hotel expense, equipment and clothing (which is all tax deductible)?
    His $11K payday last year should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

    I recall that last season Evan also made a minimal yearly salary as a "construction worker" (i think it was 18K). As anyone in the construction business would tell you, they can make a very good salary - especially if they are Union and work all year. But it turned out that Evan only worked the construction job a small part of the year. The balance of the year was probably spent collecting unemployment while he was going on casting calls, having portfolio photographs taken, doing under the table work as a waiter, model, whatever. Just because a person only "declares" an amount of money to the IRS doesnt mean that is all that they made that year.

    With David, its similar but slightly different. It is likely 100% true that he only made $11K last year; he may have only participated in a couple of rodeos and had minimal winnings. But if mom & pop are rich, than the fact that David only made $11K in "paid salary" doesnt necc give an indication of his true wealth or what he is worth overall.

    I will give you another example of this. Lets say Richie Rich is a fine golfer. He grew up in Country Clubs and and vacationing at Golf Resorts. Eventually, he is good enough to appear on the PGA circuit at lesser events. Mom & Dad are loaded and pay all of his entry fees. He plays in 25 events but - because he is still young and not yet a 'top notch' pro - he doesnt make any final cuts and only makes several first and second round cuts. As a result, he is only in the low end money in a few tournaments. So his total winnings for the year are let's say $17,500. He can go on Joe Mill and say without lying that he only "earned" $17,500 last year. But overall, he is a very, very wealthy young man.

    So just because David may have truthfully only made $11K as a rodeo cowboy last year - that doesnt necc paint the larger picture. Mom & Dad could simply be letting him sow his wild oats but playing at his "hobby". But all the while he is living on Mom & Dads property and likely receiving a generous allowance and filling up his fridge, bought him his truck, pay his insurance etc.

    I believe without reservation that David only made $11K last year. I wonder what Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie made last year? Probably whatever money they made on the dairy farm. I doubt that they punched a clock at any other point during the year. So if tthey were to say that last year they made $175 in "paid salary", they wouldnt be lying. But what someone "earns as salary" and their overall "wealth" can be two totally seperate things.
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    i grew up going to school with david....and to see how some of you ppl talk about things you know nothing about is real funny!!!! rumors will be rumors and the truth will probably never come out....just a heads up.....davids parent are not millionares..but who cares...he is a great guy...who cares how much money he has

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    davids parent are not millionares
    Send your complaints to TV Guide, who first reported that they were.

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