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Thread: Is David Really Rich? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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    David lacks "sophistication" but doesn't rule him out from being rich. The parents might very well be extremely loaded..they just aren't showy about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warhol
    Actually, I think David has a lot of class. He's nice, he seems to treat people well and he also appears to have good intentions. And that's pretty much what class is defined by. However, what he doesn't appear to have is *sophistication* -- which is something money can very much help provide via education, travel, cultural exposure, etc.
    This is almost exactly what I was going to say. Class is not about how you hold your fork or how you walk. He walks like a cowboy because he IS a cowboy. Not all rich people jet set around the world and put their kids in boarding school. His parents might have become wealthy through lots of hard work, but accumulating wealth doesn't mean they have to give up their simple way of life and change the type of people they are. Some folks don't like to travel, and the rich trappings of life aren't important to them. (The living in a trailer doesn't make sense, though!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn
    He may be loaded, but I guess it goes without saying that money can't buy you class.
    I'd rather my daughter hook up with someone with David's class than have my son hook up with someone with Paris Hilton's "class".

    -Randy (not that I have a son )

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    I actually like David better than Evan. Who cares about class and sophistication...David has a much better personality. He also seems less self centered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I actually like David better than Evan. Who cares about class and sophistication...David has a much better personality. He also seems less self centered.

    But Evan's goof appeal made Joe Millionare so much fun to watch. But David is a little more down to earth.

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    I think that if David's family were really wealthy, he would have had a better education, and would not be so ignorant of art history, history, and geography. Also- what Thrawn said about David's table manners! Chompstick's point about some people not wanting to travel or change their "simple life"styles is a fair one, but parents who want the best for their children will do what they can to make sure that that child is comfortable in any situation- from a hoedown to an embassy ball. (Not saying either is better! ) Rich people teach (or pay people to teach) their children table manners, dancing, languages, etc. as a way of ensuring that their child never feels inadequate to a situation, and David just doesn't seem to have that innate confidence.

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    Yes, it was a television show but I really think people like this do exist.

    Another example the Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky knowledge of fashion, but how about book smart?

    Jessica Simpson rich and pretty but not to witty.

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    Maybe the twist is "I don't have 80 Million dollars. But I have 100 Million..." etc lol Think about it. When Fox chose Evan or Rob, they went through so much choosing process and chose the one who was tall, handsome and mussled. But David is not that much good looking. If Fox went through the same choosing process, I think they could have chosen someone who looks a little bit better to represent our USA. But they chose David, because he was the one who actually has money... or maybe will inherit the money. Because otherwise,,, the ending of these reality dating show will be all the same and boring.. Also, David does present himself quite classy as if he has some natural "rich boy" quality... (this is my subjective opinion, of course.)

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    Maybe he wills ay "I don't have 80 million dollars." ......"But I will, tomorrow" etc lol.

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    Kudos to Warhol for grasping what I was reaching at: sophistication.

    I guess my feeling is that manners and sophistication come through osmosis. My parents are upper-middle class, and that's rubbed off on me. It doesn't strike me that David has had this benefit, for whatever reason.

    I mean, he eats like the 7pm mess hall during boot camp.

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