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Thread: There Once Was A Girl Named Olinda ...

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    There was a hot Czech named Cat
    Who's cosmetic mammaries where firm and phat
    From death threats she did suffer
    From an old lush with a future as a "fluffer"
    'til she was rescued by a stud in a 10 gallon hat

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    Its like eating potato chips - I can't seem to stop!

    Olinda was nicotine stained old hag with no grace
    Who wielded a sword as deftly as Maximus a shield and a mace
    Causing our gentlemanly cowboy to ask her to leave
    And despite what Liz Phair would have you believe
    Olinda is proof a “pearl necklace” does nothing to stop aging of the face

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    Bah! Daddio! you have me

    You are truly inspired today!

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    Hostess Samantha was a fine looking young coot
    Who did little yet received lots of loot
    She need simply appear
    In between catfights and beer
    And received a free trip to the land shaped like a boot

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    Joe Mill was a "rich" cowpoke from Texas
    Who in reality couldn't afford gas much less a Lexus
    When the truth it was told
    All the hot coochies turned cold
    David was left with nothing but fourteen "ex'es"

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    There once was a girl named Olinda
    Who would drink right below a veranda
    She'd hiss towards Cat
    And resembled a bat
    The compassion of an anaconda
    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy."
    -- Unknown

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    Olinda was a fun loving Swede that committed her fill of frightfull ugly deeds while planting evil seeds. Olinda is a big Kill Bill fan full of bull. The bright sun in Rome loomed when she tried to bury David in a tomb and she became doomed. Her face was a grand temple of ruins that masked her simple mind. Olinda thought she was fine but looked like a fender bender. She ran around the villia saying kill the will of the competition or kill any chick that David picks.

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    There once was a Swede named Olinda,
    Who in Rome with spirits so kindred
    Would drink with the best
    And slam all the rest--
    But her plans for a ring were upended.

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    There once was a wrinkled Swede wench
    Whose tongue was akin to a wrench
    She brawled her way on a reality show
    To try and lasso a cowpoke named 'Joe'
    But he turned back her attack and now the Villa is less of a stench

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    MTI422, for finding something that rhymed with "Olinda"...

    Welcome to the FORT!!!
    All my life, I have felt destiny tugging at my sleeve.~ Thursday Next
    I don't want to "go with the flow". The flow just washes you down the drain. I want to fight the flow.- Henry Rollins
    All this spiritual talk is great and everything...but at the end of the day, there's nothing like a pair of skinny jeans. - Jillian Michaels

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