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Thread: Bye, Bye Olinda - Finally

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrammarGoddess
    Oh, he's smart enough not to give up our secret to the "citified" folk. Once the secret got out about snipe-hunting, we had to go to Plan B (cow-tipping). Of course, there are still people who try and pet the buffalo and bears in Yellowstone, so heh heh...plenty o' suckers left.

    Back on topic...I love the name Old Linda--fits her perfectly. She looks like she tans a lot and drinks a lot, so I'm guessing she could be 26 as she claims. Can you imagine what she'll look like at 40??? We can call her Old Leather Linda then.
    What about "Old Yeller-Linda", no disrespect to the beloved dog, but if she keeps tanning(old) and if she keeps drinking(yellow-liver damange).

    Could not resist.

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    about cow tipping, I agree that it is a rural legend. I grew up in Wisconsin, surrounded by dairy cows. Cows do not sleep standing up. They would walk away from you if you approached them. Except for the bull. There was always one with a big herd. You wanted to stay the heck away from the bull, as he protected his herd from city folk coming out trying to tip over his ladies. Kristyna is a moron.
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    she sucked

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