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Thread: 11/11-two episodes, any Tuesday?

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    Mrs. Pusser

    11/11-two episodes, any Tuesday?

    Excuse this new thread but I don't want to read the 11/11 thread and the spoilers yet.

    TV Guide said there was only one episode at 8 pm (EDT) so I taped that. Then I turned on the TV at 9:25 and noticed it was playing another episode and I'd missed the end of the first one. Apparently it ran longer than 1 hour.

    So they played two episodes last night. TV Guide shows one tonight as well. Is this true or just part of the old info from when they were playing one on Tuesday?

    Is there a plan to show a rerun this week that I'm not aware of?


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    Fox switched things up, and played 2 episodes back to back last night. There will be no episode tonight.

    As far as I know, there are no plans to replay the episode. You'll have to get your fix from the recap, or beg someone for a videotape.

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