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Thread: 11/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    yes, Petra told David that she didn't smoke and then Fox immediately edited in several clips of her smoking. They juxtaposed that with shots of David seeing Pinoccole and the Mouth of Truth, with asides of him agonizing over lying to the ladies. It was quite amusing, anyway, but I like Petra probably the best anyway, and she is at least nice enough to not blow smoke in his face when they are on a date.
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    I like Cat. My impression of her is that she is shy, not sneaky and manipulative. I think she is possibly awkward in group social situations, and feels really bad that the other girls (well mostly OldLinda) say they hate her to her face. That is just so cruel. If you are shy and treated like that, you will retreat into yourself more.

    When I was Cat's age, I was very shy and uncomfortable around groups of other girls. She reminds me so much of myself. When you have social anxiety, it's not usually obvious to others. It actually appears that you are stand-offish, snobby, snotty, fake or whatever. Sneaky, too, because you are usually quiet. I think the way Cat kept her cool and didn't talk back much to the other girls when they harrassed her was great.

    Also, when I was Cat's age, I was much more comfortable hanging around guys than other girls. It was easier to communicate with guys because you could be flirtatous. And if you have self-esteem issues, often times you become forward around men, and sexually promiscuous (not saying that Cat is) because it is a form of acceptance. Cat may have gone to David's room at night, because she was being ripped apart by the other girls, felt very alone and felt that David was the only one she could talk to. Perhaps she told him what was going on, and that's why he changed his tune about OldLinda.

    I could totally relate to what Linda said when she left, also, that she just didn't feel strong enough to continue around the other girls.

    I know no one cares about me specifically, I'm just trying to share some insight into what Cat's personality appears to me. (Watch, I'll be way off base!) Just my $.02.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain America
    Since you're from Europe, can you tell me whether you think any of the resentment towards Cat is because she's German? Are there still hard feelings left over from WWII? I remember driving through the countryside in France and looking at the pill boxes where the French had their guns trained towards Germany. It gave me kind of a creepy feeling.
    I think it is purely jealousy and resentment on Olinda's part. She seems to be looking for any excuse to bash people, one of these excuses was Cat's accent.

    Of course every normal individual would feel rather offended by criticism of their nationality. That is why it is so powerful and that is why Olinda is using it. You probably noticed that she is extreme in the way she acts. In Europe you would use the "nationality insult" in heartfelt situations, when you really feel extremely resentful towards somebody personally and because you know it will hurt them. It is not uncommon... There are always stereotypes a person can use to hurt another person, here in the US also.
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    I don't think there is any real resentment towards Germans in Europe today. Yes, we love beating them in football (soccer to the americans) but who doesn't love being the underdog and coming out on top. However, I think some people, if they dislike a German person might bring up WWII just to be mean, like some people will use the n-word for a black person, in order to hurt them. Most people don't say things like that, not even in anger.

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    I absolutely Loved that Cat mentioned the expensive glasses, she undervalued them and David corrected her on the price so she could gasp and say she's NEVER spent that much on shades ... !
    Way to go, Cat.
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    Cat is something else. David doesn't even pick up on the hair flipping, what a goon. I think Cat probably has been reluctant to get close with the others because they have acted like that the whole time. Linda and Cat were the obvious beauties so I imagine they have had the scorn of the others the whole time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulstan
    I just can't believe why Krystina keep bringing up Linda???

    It's such a faux pas for bringing up an "ex-contestant."
    Krystina brought up Linda to David, because she knew he had genuine feelings for her. Let's not forget that Krystina and Linda are both Czechs, and she probably felt if I can't have him then I'd rather see him with Linda. I've noticed that the ladies tend to be more comfortable with their fellow country girls. You would always see Alessia/Giada, Linda and Karolina/Krystina, Olinda/Lina and Petra/Anique with their backs to the camera or their heads down whispering. When Linda decided to leave, they showed her walking to the car with Krystina, but we weren't privy to their conversation. Krystina even asked David if he would be interested in having Linda's telephone number.

    What I have a problem with, was the fact that the other ladies wanted Linda to leave, because they knew David really like her. Why would you want to be with someone who would rather be with someone else? There is an old saying, "a woman who marries a man for his money, winds up earning it".

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