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Thread: The Demographics of Joe Millionaire 1 and 2

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    I think David is sweet, which is such a constrast from, say, Olinda, that it is quite interesting. Even if he prounounces villa to sound like home improvement guy Bob Vila. (sp?)
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    Eh, they have to realize, these shows are just getting old...

    Besides there is a lack of emotions and deeper connections between the new JM David and this group of materialistic women, which makes things quite boring. I mean, have you noticed how NONE of them are even a little upset to leave the show (as opposed to the nervous breakdowns in the Bachelor!?). Viewers like drama, and if it wasn't for Olinda, this show would be dead...

    David is a farmer, who obviously lacks the intellect and skills to win a woman's heart (sorry, but a nice chest isn't enough). And the women outbalance that special something that he does not have with the money he also does not have... To sum it up - it's quite a pathetic show to watch. Of course some of us will watch it anyway.

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    I like this version more than the last version. I really like to see these girls stick it to Fox (not David, since he seems nice). They're not taking the whole thing seriously, they are out to have a good time and a free vacation, and that's all. No hyped-up romance, and I like that, because it is _not_ realistic to fall in love with someone in a couple of weeks when you are not even dating exclusively. A crush is possible, but real love takes time (in my opinion).

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    I like this version much better. Evan's goal was to find the woman who liked him for him and not because he was a "millionaire". David seems to be genuinely looking for that special someone. This is more intriguing, because it's not just about finding out that he is not a millionaire, but would she also be willing to move to Texas and live on a cowboy's salary. That is a lot to ask of anyone. Can't wait.

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