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Thread: These girls without boyfriends?

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    That whole pack-a-day chimney thing isn't hot either.

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    liquid graffiti
    Right I forgot that they smoke like crazy too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid graffiti
    Are you kinding me ? Almost all the girls were too wild. They drank a lot ( And I mean A LOOOTT ). Don't like to wake up early, lazy as hell, and maybe some of them do even drugs ( Ehem.. cough*Olinda*cough ) And they like all the money, expensive gifts, etc. No wonder most of them don't have a boyfriend, some of them seem really nice like Linda, and maybe Cat. I guess we will find out if they're into money or not. And remember if you have to keep a girl with expensive gifts and have to pay for everything, then dump her.
    Keep in mind that Europeans generally aren't as puritanical in nature as Americans are. So "fun" things like drinking, smoking and nudity aren't frowned upon there in the same way as they are here.

    Also remember that these girls may very well have been treating this entire experience as something akin to an exotic vacation. So partying and the "laziness" of not wanting to get up early may reflect that moreso than their day-to-day personalities in the "real" world.

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