hey people!!
im in london, england, UK, n cuz i get eps after usa n canada do, im only on the episode of joe millionaire (1) where they waffle about who hes gonna pick, and they do flashbacks n go for walks in the forest-its utter bullshit but i thought it would be the last episode and at the end he would choose either sara or zora-but thats NEXT WEEK!

so i couldnt wait (us londerners r tres impatient) so i came on here and now i know! evan picks zora right? the girl he dusnt actually like instead of that other bitch (he aint a great judge of charcter if u ask me!!heehee) and they get $500 each-wat BULLSHIT seriously i thought it would be a killer twist-like zora was a reporter undercover or something, or sarah tried 2 steal the money-i dunno something more imaginative!!! so im annoyed it ended up as soppy-how pointless! big brother 4 was MUCH BETTER! that was class i tell u! bitchy evil kniving class! but i get all the tv shows afta all u guys in america n canada do! which is annoying! but i will watch joe millionaire next thursday night, watch the finale and laugh and point at the stupidity! and is the butler pissing ne1 else off? lol

reply people! get in touch xxx hannah xx