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Thread: Episode 4 - Iím Not This Gucci Boy, Iím a Cowboy!

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    Hello Mr. Anderson RickiRick's Avatar
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    Another great recap!

    I actually grew fond of the corny Hee Haw...surprised that it isn't still on given the number of cable channels out there. (Sounds like people have fonder memories of Hee Haw than JM.)

    The recap brought up a question about Linda...we all asumed that she really liked David and wanted out because of fear of her emotions and stress of other women.

    But maybe she didn't really care for him, but noticed that he was falling hard for her...then decided it would be best to leave.

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    Great recap Bumpkin!

    I haven't watched a full episode yet this season, but it was nice getting a chance to read about the show to get caught up in case I do decide to watch one. Your descriptions were hilarious.

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