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Thread: Yippee Yi Yo Ki Yay! 2 JMs on Monday nights!

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    Captain America

    Yippee Yi Yo Ki Yay! 2 JMs on Monday nights!

    I've tried to post this three times now without success. If this thread comes up as a duplicate, hopefully John will take the appropriate action.

    Fox has decided to drop Skin and plug in back to back episodes of JM2 on Monday nights.

    Kind of reminds me of Jack and Faye in Chinatown:

    "She's my daughter."


    "She's my sister."


    "She's my daughter."



    Per this article posted on the Reality TV World website:

    FOX revises 'The Next Joe Millionaire' schedule again, back-to-back episodes to now air on Mondays

    By Steve Rogers, 11/04/2003

    Only a couple of days after announcing that it was cancelling The Next Joe Millionaire's Tuesday night broadcasts and just planning on broadcasting the remaining episodes of the ten-episode series in its Mondays at 8PM ET timeslot, FOX has done an about face and is once again planning on airing two episodes of the program a week. Only now, both episodes will be on Monday evenings.

    FOX, who apparently determined that while The Next Joe Millionaire may be tanking in the ratings, it wasn't tanking quite as bad as the network's porn industry-centered Skin drama, announced today that Skin has been cancelled and back-to-back episodes of Joe 2 will air on Mondays for the next two weeks.

    Original one-hour episodes of The Next Joe Millionaire will air back-to-back on Monday November 10. Two more original one-hour episodes will air from 8-10PM ET on Monday, November 17. Then, following the finale schedule originally announced in September, the two-hour series finale of The Next Joe Millionaire will air from 8-10PM ET on Monday, November 24.

    Astute viewers will likely note the new revised broadcast schedule appears to omit one episode from the series run. Originally announced as a six week series that was to feature nine one-hour episodes and a two-hour season finale, the revised schedule appears to only result in eight one-hour episodes plus the two-hour finale being broadcast. Although unconfirmed by FOX at this time, we suspect that the "lost" ninth one-hour episode will likely not be "lost" at all, but instead shown as the first hour of the two-hour finale while the previously planned stand-alone two-hour finale is shortened to a single hour (no doubt removing endless amounts of needless recaps.)

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    Indeed, good news

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    Good news.
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    Thanks for the info, Captian America. Our Hero.

    Poor Bumpkin, this erratic schedule is so darn tough to recap. Um Bumpy Dearest, does this mean I'm sharing with you again for the recaps? Two on the same night, well, that's even harder than two on consecutive days. Let me know.
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    Bard Guy
    Geez, after the TONS of promos for Skin it doesn't even last a month? Poor Fox. LOL.

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    The good news is, there are only two more weeks of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    The good news is, there are only two more weeks of it!
    Now I won't watch Average Joe, which airs at 9 EST on Mondays. I like JM2 more than Average Joe, which isn't saying a whole lot.

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