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Thread: 11/03 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    He was too good of a guy to keep Linda there. I think he really *REALLY* liked her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idol Critic
    I'm sooooo sad and disgusted. Linda....sweet Linda was my favorite, and these "women" took advantage of her sensitivity and drove her away.
    Agreed, I liked her too. But I also think Linda left because she was scared of falling for someone very different from her; it had less to do with other people's opinions of her. Linda is a stunningly beautiful model who is probably used to lots of guys falling for her. She must be somewhat used to the attention (unwanted or otherwise) so my thinking is either she was just plain scared of falling for David, or as others here have noted there are details we were not shown.

    Refreshing to see someone on these these shows become smitten early on without having to wait for the final eposide for it to be revealed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    He was too good of a guy to keep Linda there. I think he really *REALLY* liked her.
    I do to. I think as hard as it was for him to let her go it would have been harder for him to keep her and keep lying to her.

    What is so sad is that she had a sweet personality like David and let the other girls bully her into leaving. She was out of her league. Just like David is.

    I can not believe he kept Olinda! Her face is so wrinkled. She has to be older than she is saying if not good grief what is she going to look like when she is 40? But hey he is a "Cowboy" maybe he goes for that weathered look?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bard Guy
    I think Linda pretty much HAD to go or there would be no suspense about David's choice. Since there was not actual footage of the other women putting pressure on Linda, I am rather skeptical about what really happened. I would not be at all surprised if the producers are the ones who wanted Linda gone since David is so obviously smitten with her.

    Didn't you think it was very strange that no microphones or cameras picked up all the nasty things said to Linda by the others?
    Good point

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    How many people think that Linda really wanted to camp out with David? Even though she said no, she seemed hesitant, and in other comments made it appear that she felt it would be better for her to stay in the hotel with the other girls (maybe get her back on their good sides?)....

    I was hoping he would pick Linda anyways and give her the opportunity to decline him again.....if she had truly wanted to leave, couldn't she have just said so at the beginning of the elimination round and not have even stayed for it? But she had told him she wanted to go home, and gentleman that he is, he let her....now that proves that there were some genuine feelings there. What's the saying, if you love something, let it go, if it returns, it's truly yours?

    Also, I do believe that comments were made to her, just based on what we saw/heard...these women are cut-throat!! I'm going to guess that Olinda and Lina were two making comments, the money seems to be far more interesting to them than David himself.....I mean, if Olinda knew she would have probably volunteered to leave in Linda's place, don't you think?

    I do believe that Cat has a bit more backbone than Linda, and that these "ladies" won't chase her off as easily......

    Just my two cents...

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    Next morning comments: shocked to see only 3 pages of posts on this show compared to the usual 8 to 10 pages on Bachelor. I guess that confirms the ratings.

    David should have shown some backbone and kept Linda (yes, against her wishes) at least until they could have a one-on-one date. Simply tell her "I will grant your request to leave if you still want to leave after two more days."

    Despite the disappointment of Linda leaving, this was actually a turning point for the show. It ratcheted up the emotions and showed that David is actually capable of feelings toward these women even though they are so different from him. It is now getting past the "american cowboy vs. european nightclub babes" and into "real" relationships.

    This will be the first episode with any "water cooler" talk the next day.

    Finally, regarding suggestions that David should ride out the rest of the show and then contact Linda, I predict that as soon as the one-on-one dates start Linda will become a distant and fading memory.

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    Alessia and Linda

    Why did he keep that complaining Italian girl and get rid of beautiful and fun Alessia? I mean, she jumped in there with the horses stalls etc and was so prett y and fun . And Linda, well, she was the one.
    I don't think anyone is that great anymore except Cat.

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    Captain America
    That was a great show last night.

    This one had it all:

    I was absolutely positive that Linda would make the cut. Ok, technically I wasn't wrong since she cut herself, but I almost fell out of my chair when she opted out.

    Lina, who was on my keeper list, came off as a total whiner at the stable. Guess I should have seen that coming. After all, she was the one who remarked about the lack of Starbucks and shopping on the ranch. Lina, love your looks and wit, but you had to go.

    Anique moved up several notches and is now my darkhorse favorite even though she flunked the campout test.

    Cat seems to offer the total package: great looks, a willingness to shovel manure and was the only one to sleep on the ground all night. Smart move.

    I can't wait to see the claws come out next week.

    Now if David will just come to his senses and send Old Linda packing...

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    I just flat forgot to watch this last night. How sad is that? Is Fox cutting back on the advertising budget because they've just given up or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvclayseyes
    Why did he keep that complaining Italian girl and get rid of beautiful and fun Alessia?
    Perhaps because Alessia kept telling David he was a "good, sweet boy." (or something like that) A romantic buzzkill if you ask me. ;-)

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