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Thread: Is Fox getting ready to dump "Joe"?

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    Damn I really loved seeing the two episodes one after the other. Now those bozos at Fox have to let this show go on until maybe January just to get through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain America
    My oops. I was referring to an article I read online from today's NY Post, which reads in part:

    The second episode of "Joe II" this past Monday night did even worse - 5.9 million viewers - while the third episode this past Tuesday saw the show's audience creep up a bit to 6.5 million."

    Looks like the only disagreement is on the numbers for the second episode. I, of course, have no idea and won't vouch for the Post.
    Perhaps the "Post" was using overnight ratings, my information was based on final numbers (which usually are released two days later, or in this case, Wednesday). Usually the overnight numbers are a little lower than the final (or national) numbers, since the overnight ratings are based on only the top 50 television markets (like NYC, and L.A.).

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    The show is rather painful to watch, especially when the naive and innocent "Joe" is forced to lie to the women.

    I can't remember any of the women's names. Maybe when it gets down to 4 I'll understand.

    The show isn't about whether he will find love, or even to examine the "love vs. money" issue, but instead just to juxipose the american cowboy w/ the european club girls.

    There really isn't very much entertainment value here; the ratings are not surprising.

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    Hmm, I am as ambivalent about this news as I am about this show. It has completely failed to hook me like the first one did.
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    My feelings exactly Star, I loved the first one but haven't watched a second of this one.

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    Another piece of information from Fox...

    Next Monday's episode (11/10) will air at 9:00/8:00 Central. This is according to the promos the network is currently running. Perhaps Fox is flipping "Joe" and "Skin", though since "Skin" is pulling in fewer viewers than "Joe", I'm not sure what exactly Fox is trying to achieve here.

    What few viewers "Joe" still has may decide to abandon the sequel entirely if the network keeps jerking it around the schedule, and making it difficult for fans to find it.

    Given the ratings collapse on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and non-success of its new Sunday comedy "Arrested Development", perhaps Fox management will be swept away by the end of the season.

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    I really liked the first Joe Millionaire, but this one is just boring. I can't get into it at all. I might give it another week, but if it doesn't improve I'll be renting a movie on Monday nights.
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    What I don't get is why FOX can't ever decide what nights their shows are on. What is the deal with that? Have they ever heard of putting a show on one night and just leaving it there for the season? I understand moving it around when the World Series interferes, or something out of the ordinary, but when I have to hunt around every week to find out what night(s) my show is on, it really irks me. Paradise Hotel, for example, started out on Mondays and Wednesdays. Then sometimes only Monday. Then sometimes only Wednesday. Then sometimes, not Monday or Wednesday, but only Tuesday. :rolleyes Geez! American Idol was always too much with the two nights a week and the occasional "filler" shows. And who could forget the first JM "fakeout" finale? This network just irritates me and I always feel used by their flipflopping of their lineup all the time so that they can get every advertising dollar and have people watching FOX all the time because they have no idea when their show is coming on again...

    (Sorry, it makes me so mad! And yet, I still watch...)
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