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Thread: Episode 2 - Of Course My Horse Can Fly

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    Awesome recap Bumpkin.
    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    Karolina, a waitress from Prague, tells David she is studying for her Masters. ďOh, so you are smart.Ē Yep, David. She can also do ciphering, and I have a sneaking suspicion she is at least bi-lingual. Huh? No David, not that. I mean she speaks two languages or more.
    The only thing that could be any funnier is if one of the girls was from Lisbon.
    Great recap Bumpkin. As David would say: "Perfect!"

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    Thank you, Bumpkin! That was quite funny. I especially loved the opening.

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    Great Recap - Bumpkin

    I did watch the show for the first time last night and I will keep watching. Why? Because I think this one is much better than the Bachelor simply because they have not all fallen in love with this guy from the first show. They may all be money hungry but they are not idiots.

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    Fantastic recap Bump!

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    Jerusa vs Lina

    "In the short time we had to get to know the girls, I was most impressed by Jerusa, though I feared her dark coloring would work against her in Davidís economy. Her comments and demeanor were the most impressive and intelligent of all the contestants."

    I agree with Bump about Jerusa. When David said [When I was putting
    the pearls on Lina she acted like 'you better have chosen me.' I could
    have picked someone else...] I wondered if Jerusa was the one he meant. Surely not snobby Johanna.

    Well, the goof was a goodie. He flew his horse over! So, was this lack
    of preparation on the part of the producers. David does not act like
    "money," hasn't a clue what to do. Except take off his shirt!


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    Great recap Bump!

    Oh and I'm 26 like Olinda too.

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