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Thread: Article: Joe Millionare 2: Is the Scene Set for Failure

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    Article: Joe Millionare 2: Is the Scene Set for Failure

    Joe Millionaire 2: Is the Scene Set For Failure?

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    Reality TV

    1. America's Top Model: Eva
    2. The Apprentice: Andy
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    American Women

    {We also have David Smith, our “Joe,” who is testing out the dating waters in Europe since American women “just aren’t doing it for him.” }
    David didn't say "American women" didn't do it for him. He said the
    jean-clad cowgirls around the rodeo circuit weren't feminine and did not
    do it for him. It showed a clip of 3 or 4 of the girls from the back as
    they walked along in their jeans and boots. There was some not-so-
    complimentary nickname the cowboys had for them ("buckle bunnies"?).

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