I think this show plays into the heart's desire
of every high-level and low-level wealthy person
on the planet, particularly those in positions of
power. Class-envy. These people are more to
be pitied than anything. It is never enough that
they live in luxery and privilege. The envy of the
lower classes is what ultimately rings their bell,
that and being able to use them as servants
and playthings.

Every one of the contestants on The Next Joe
Millionaire have fallen into the envy trap. They
all appear to be shallow and self centered. So
while I object to the whole premise of the
deception involved, this show is going to appeal
to the lower classes who are salivating over these
girls getting their come-uppance. I was
particularly offended by the expressions on their
faces when told the suitor was a cowboy. What
snobs. I don't know which is worse, elite snobs
or common snobs; well, yeah I do, elite snobs are
the worst.