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Thread: David (New Joe) on Regis & Kelly

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    David (New Joe) on Regis & Kelly

    David Smith was on R&K this morning. He said he was simply at a rodeo and was approached by a producer. They asked him if he had seen JM1 , and he said he had seen the last show. They flew him to California then 3 days later to Italy to start the show.They apparently were scouring the rodeo's looking for a cowboy with the right look.

    This guy is very charming , and not at all the ignorant dolt that Evan was. Very polite in that Texas gentleman sort of way. (He called Kelly "Miss Kelly")He also seems very bright, and intelligent in conversation ( again unlike Evan).

    The girls going into the show were given lie detector tests to prove they hadn't seen the first show.

    This one will provide a good deal of entertainment I think. I'm lokking forward to it.

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    That's good news, maybe this show will be good afterall (In some other way than laugh at "Joe")
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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