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Thread: News: A look at the new Joe Millionaire

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    News: A look at the new Joe Millionaire

    Obviously, no one could have predicted the popularity of the first "Joe Millionaire."

    A good looking jug-head, a slew of millionaire wannabe females, and growing interest at the water cooler resulted in a record 40 million viewers tuning into the season finale last February.

    Being that Americans were already hip to the show, Fox decided to prey on unsuspecting European beauties for "The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair," which premieres on Cox Cable Channel 10 Monday night at 8 p.m.

    This year's down and out stud is rodeo cowboy David Smith who reportedly earns only $11,000 a year (how does he survive!).

    Smith wil be portraying a Texas oilman who has inherited $80 million from an uncle.

    According to a recent New York Daily News article, Smith will wine and dine 14 international beauties, who have been whisked to a luxurious villa in the Italian countryside, to play out his little "Days of Our Lives" dramady.

    As in the first show, our favorite member of the International Guild of Professional Butlers, Paul Hogan, will will aid the new bloke in his new quest for love in the "good" life.

    Also like last year and reminiscent of other reality shows, the number of women will be narrowed down each week as Smith searches for true love based on a lie (isn't that a good way to start a relationship?).

    Who is David Smith?

    Prior to receiving his 15 minutes of fame, Smith was living the simple life in Texas.

    According to a Fox press release, he lived in a trailer on his dad's ranch, where his goal each weekend was to simply get enough cash to fill his diesel gas tank.

    "Between ranch work and local rodeos, he earned about $11,000 a year," the site said. "He worked on his rodeo technique at the local junior college. In 2000, he was named rookie bareback rider of the year by a pro rodeo club."

    Then came the offer from the "Joe Millionaire" producers.

    "I thought, 'I'm 24, I've never been out of the country before, and I've got nothing to lose,'" said Smith.

    As with his television bachelor predecessors, he claims that it hurt him to lie to his victims (I mean future wives!).

    "There were times that I wanted to leave Italy because the girls were so nice and pure and innocent, and I was deceiving them," he said.

    The Ladies

    At this point, you're probably wondering what type of self-respecting female would sign up to be on a televison show such as this.

    According to executive vice president Mike Darnell on the Web site Extra.com, 14 beautiful European ladies swallowed the story in a huge way.

    "When the women first saw David, he was their image of a typical, boorish American, until they find out he's got $80 million," Darnell says. "Then, all of a sudden, he's attractive."

    Market strategy analylst and author of "Bachelorette #1," a novel about a dating-show contestant, Jennifer O'Connell, recently commented to the New York Times how horrifying it was for women to appear on a show like this in this day and age.

    "That they're willing to put off their jobs and friends and families and hang out in a mansion, trying to get a man to slip a ring on their finger, it's frightening.

    Happy ending

    Being the reality television junkie that I am, it amazes me how people can sign up for these televised love connections knowing that the majority of them fail.

    Think about it. What happened to the couples from the Bachelor seasons one and two, and how about Smith's "Millionaire" predecessor Evan Marriot?

    Last season, millions watched as the California construction worker picked Zora Andrich, a good-hearted substitute teacher from Lambertville, N.J., as his bride-to-be.

    She accepted him, despite being a broke fibber, until the butler surprised them with a joint check for $1 million.

    Once out of the spotlight and into to the land of the living, reality hit -- hard.

    The couple split the $1 million prize, and went their separate ways. Zora remained in her hometown and spent a portion of her money to help an ailing relative, while Evan decided to try his luck in Hollywood doing various television commercials, guest starring on the WB network's "Charmed," and in the TV movie, "See Sarah Date." (FYI: he comes up short in that dilemma as well!)

    Hopefully things will go better for Smith who already has two advantages: He has tons of eager viewers (me being one) awaiting his every televised escapade. And secondly, he's definitely the better looking candidate.

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    I heard this guy speak on a commercial today. My comment ... He makes Evan look smart.

    I wish they'd leave the lie out of it. They didn't need it anyway. Just tell these girls that the guy is from Texas, let them assume that he's rich.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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