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Thread: US Magazine Article

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    US Magazine Article

    I read a little blurb in US magazine (which I bought for my daughter, because I heard "can I have a Sweet Tea" instead of "Can I have Us Weekly"... I was laughing so hard, I had to buy it for her )

    Sooooooo, It appears that Pictures of Evan stripping were on EBay that got all the way to....

    Hold on......

    SEVEN people bid.....


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    Evan pics set RECORD high on EBay

    Cali, PLEASE:
    I watch the EBay auctions, and that happened to be an EXCELLENT price for the pics sold of Evan: 4X6, instead of the usual 8X10, which regular price is $15.99, but that usually go for $9.99, IF anyone buys them--most sell cheaper!
    Pics of Evan at that Nashville event have been a GOLD MINE for anyone lucky enough to have snapped him --especially if ghey have him with his pants down! I've seen these pics offered on EBay, many, many times, and ALWAYS they sell at quite high prices!
    The BEST include one of Evan showing his butt crack!
    I bought THOSE, and they ARE vERY VERY WORTH IT!!!!!!
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    wow - i hadn't even heard anything about this. care to send me that link, mitten?
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