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Thread: Was "Joe Millionaire" Fixed?

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    Was "Joe Millionaire" Fixed?

    From MSN News:

    No wonder the amount of chemistry between the two was that of a gnat dating an elephant. While "Joe Millionaire" star Evan Marriott has been doing the talk-show circuit in Canada, he's also been busy spilling the beans on how he was let down after Zora became the winner.

    "After the show, we spent two days together," Marriott told Canada's National Post. "She had gotten five necklaces, a hope ring, $500,000, and I had chosen her and she still showed me no affection. I was like, 'Help a brother out!' Even after the show, she was still uncomfortable and said she still felt weird about the whole thing."

    MSNBC's Jeannette Walls reports that one source is claiming Marriott didn't have much choice in the matter. "He said he wasn't really attracted to any of the contestants," the source says. "He was hot for one of the production people. But the producers wanted Zora."

    As for the show's runner-up? Marriott claims Sarah tried to contact him once after she posed for Playboy. "She tried inviting me to the party for the magazine," he said. While he declined the offer, he did shine some light on his motives: "She did that to launch her career. But I'm doing all this for the money." So much for the humble construction worker who just wants to meet the right girl!

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    Thanks for the information.

    I still find this show interesting- far more interesting than any of the other reality tv shows online.

    I'd actually enjoy seeing more footage that they never aired. It would be nice to see what REALLY went on rather than the BS FOX was feeding us.

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