It's the week we've all been waiting for! If you're anything like me, you have been counting the minutes until Sammi and Ronnie no longer appear on our TV on a weekly basis. Who are we kidding though? MTV shows reruns of Jersey Shore pretty much daily. This season was a disappointment for me. I really wish we could go back to the days of the first season where these people weren't so “famous” and so dramatic. I do think Deena was a breath of fresh air (and also a blast in a glass), and Snooki was entertaining as always. I wouldn't be sad to never see “The Situation” on my screen again. He acted more like a 10th grade Mean Girl than a 29 year old man. On with the finale!

The show begins with Ronnie finding out from Arvin on the phone that Arvin has made out with Sam before. Ronnie flies outside and starts yelling at Sammi. Sammi goes into the house and gets on the phone with Arvin and asks why he is causing problems. Arvin keeps saying they made out twice and Sammi says they haven't. Mike, of course, is right in there with Ronnie and Sammi, egging it on. Ugh, shut up Mike. Some people should be seen and not heard. He should be neither. Sammi and Ronnie talk and Sam admits she “hooked up” with Arvin around 3 years ago. She says she made a mistake and she's sorry. He wants her to show him she's sorry, not just say it.

Ronnie, Vinny, and Snooki head to the Shore Store for their last day of work. Ronnie wears a “Rush” shirt which is a competing store down the boardwalk. His boss laughs at the joke and rips the shirt off of him. Ronnie says he isn't going to do anything at work, and he holds true to that as he sleeps on the checkout counter. Danny, the boss, is having a barbeque for all the Shore Store “workers” (I use that term loosely) and each of them is allowed to bring 3 guests. Pauly D is going to be the DJ. Friends and family arrive at the BBQ and Jenni introduces Roger to her dad.

Vinny immediately takes an interest in Deena's friend Lisa, but Deena jumps in and says that they can't hook up because Snooki likes Vinny. Snooki appreciates her gal pal's valiant efforts, but says Vinny can hook up with whoever because he isn't her boyfriend. Vinny again tries to get it in with Lisa, but Deena again jumps in on it. Lisa wants to know why Deena is being nasty and Deena says Vinny was trying to get with some ugly, nasty chick the night before. Vinny is pissed because Deena is usually cool when she drinks, but he says she is just being a c*(kblock now.

Sammi pulls Ronnie aside and tells Ronnie that she is tired of Mike being in their business. She asks Ronnie if Mike is his boy, because if he is, she can't be okay with that. Ronnie says Mike is his boy and then Sammi declares...... you guessed it.... she's done. She's over it, she's done. Blah blah.

Everyone heads back to the house after the party, and Vinny is upset with Deena. He compares her to Angelina and instantly everyone is like oooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thems fightin words!! Deena and Vinny yell at each other a little more and he keeps calling her a c*(kblock.

The next day, Mike apologizes to Sammi for the way he went about things with her. Sammi appreciates the apology, but still knows Mike is shady. Deena says hi to Vinny but he blows her off. She is still mad that Vinny called her Angelina.

Everyone heads out to dinner and people are being a little bit quiet. Pauly comments that he doesn't like the miserable Deena and he wants the old Deena back. She thanks everyone for welcoming her with open arms and she thanks everyone for making it a great summer.

After dinner, it's time to go out for one last summer hurrah. After getting skanked up, Snooki does a “crotch check” to see if her crotch hangs out when she bends over. She says this is their one last chance at fun. She says you need to have sex with an old man, steal a plant, and then get arrested. Sounds like a good plan Snooks. The gang arrives at Karma and Snooki immediately goes on the hunt for boys. Jwoww sees Roger and he wants to know the status of their relationship once Jenni leaves. He wants to see her exclusively like “boyfriend/girlfriend”. Awww, maybe they can hide under the bleachers and make out. She gets nervous and says she wasn't expecting it, but she agrees that they are going to be exclusive. She feels head over heels. Jenni tells Snooki the news and Snooki runs around and tells everyone that Jenni has a boyfriend. She asks to come to the wedding.

Snooki runs into Nick, the guy who fixed her leg before when she fell, and she brings him back to the house because she is DTF. She offers to make him grilled cheese as he barks orders at her from the kitchen. She says they are calling dibs on the smush room.

Back at Karma, the Sam/Ron drama and ridiculousness continues. She is talking to a group of guys and he is hanging out with a group of guys. She beckons him and he says no he is hanging out with his friends. She says she wants to talk to her boyfriend. Jenni gathers everyone to head home. Deena rides home on Vinny's back. Sammi stumbles home while yelling at Ronnie for leaving his girlfriend by herself. Roger and Jenni arrive home and Roger calls in “sick” for the next day while Jenni is laughing and yelling in the background. Ronnie goes upstairs alone and Sammi follows him. The 100th fight ensues. He calls her a stubborn bitch, she cries and swears at him, he gets in her face and yells, and then they both just start swearing and screaming. Seriously, this is the same thing EVERY episode. Thank goodness this is the season finale. I can't take this crap anymore.

The next morning, Sammi apologizes to Ronnie. She tells him she loves him and he is her best friend. Ronnie says she can say all that stuff but she doesn't show him. She doesn't know how to be lovey dovey or sensitive. He says at this point, his heart is broken and he wants his space. She asks if they are over, and he says yes. They are single.... for this hour anyway.

Everyone packs up all of their stuff, all the while whining about how sad it is that summer is over. Sammi is the first to leave. Snooki says if she had to choose between Ron and Sam to come back next summer, she'd choose Ron. Snooki hugs Vinny goodbye, and he grabs her butt. He leaves. Mike declares this summer the best summer ever. Yeah, until you watch all the Sam and Ron drama on TV. Worst. Summer. Ever. It is kind of sad seeing everyone say goodbye.

Snooki declares that she is going to run for president and have Deena as her vice president. The economy would rise, everyone would be tan, and all the radios would play house music. Ambitious goals.

Well, there you have it folks. Another summer at the Jersey Shore has come to an end. We did have a few moments of fun in amongst the Sammi and Ronnie drama. I hope next season is a whole lot better. Until then, be sure to GTL in honor of our favorite guidos and guidettes!