Welcome back, fellow fans of the Jersey Shore skeeze! Last week, not only did we deal with the aftermath of the Ronnie/Sammi breakup, but we also got to have some laughs, too! The prank war and other shenanigans made me chuckle pretty hard at times. At the end of the episode, Ronnie was contemplating leaving the house to avoid the self destruction he knows he will face.

The episode begins with Snooki kicking her latest hookup to the curb. He “wasn't a good snuggler” so she she tells him to leave and she's done with him now. She calls up her friend Nick and decides to give things another shot with him. He tells her to call him back later.

Pauly D, Mike, and Deena head off to work at the Tshirt store. Deena is hungover and basically sleeping at work. Pauly D and Mike want to go ride some rides, so they decide to just stay out on break for an hour and blame it on Deena.

Back at the house, Ronnie calls his dad for some comfort. He says he needs his dad and some friends to help him through his hard times. His dad says he will be there soon. The three “working” stooges are still tooling around on the boardwalk while they should be at work. Their boss is calling their cells, but they aren't answering. They play some games and end up buying a tiny motorcycle thing, which they take back to the shop.

Ronnie's dad arrives and he definitely resembles a cheesy 70s porn star. He tells Ronnie that he can get through it, bro. Hang out with the guys, bro. Look at my awesome giant aviator sunglasses and porn 'stache, bro.

Pauly D and Mike bring their new toy back to the house and ride it around up on the roof. Ronnie is smiling and laughing. The bike runs out of gas before Deena gets to take her turn.

Snooki calls Nick back, but he doesn't answer. So instead of waiting for Nick to call her back, she calls about 20 more times. That is definitely the way to impress a guy. Jenni calls Roger to get the scoop since he and Nick are buds. Apparently, Snooki hooked up with Nick's friend Jeff as well as Nick's friend's Jeff's cousin. Yes, I think that's right. Basically, Snooki whored it up with the same circle of guys. Like this is surprising news for anyone on the show.

Vinny is still fighting with the clogged toiler we met in the last episode. It is so clogged that a plunger won't even help. Danny, their boss, gave them a toilet snake to try. Nobody knows how to use the toilet snake, so a lot of swearing ensues.

Snooki asks Vinny if he would still have sex with her and he just laughs and shakes his head. He says he can't believe Snooki hooked up with that kid (who stole his girl away a few episodes ago) and Snooki says it wasn't even worth it because the sex wasn't that good.

Vinny teases Nicole about bringing a guy home for one night and having sex with him. Nicole says he is mean and is upset that there is a double standard in the house. Vinny can bring home random grenades and smush, but as soon as she brings a guy home she is considered a slut. Vinny claims that he isn't ragging on Snooki, he just didn't like that particular guy.

The gang gets jazzed up and heads out to the club. They sure do keep the bars in Seaside in business. Roger's friend hits on Jwoww and she in turn asks him to text Roger to tell him she misses him. Nicely played. They all leave to go home and nobody brings home a smushing partner. Snooki gets into Vinny's bed because he's the best cuddler. He gets in but asks if she wants him to carry her to her own bed. She whines that she wants him to cuddle, but he says no and leaves the room. Ouch. Pauly D tells Vinny to get in with Snooki, but Vinny thinks it's gross to have sex with her after she had sex with a random guy the night before. Wait? Does Vinny have standards? When did this happen? These guys are such hypocrites.

The next day, Ronnie wakes up and decides to call Sammi because he misses her voice. He admits that he almost left and asks how she is doing. She says she needed the break really badly. She tells him that if she comes back, she can be a friend to him when he needs to talk, but that's it. He says he can't be in the house with her just as a friend. She tells him not to ruin his life over her. They say goodbye and then Ronnie cries. Yes, seriously. This kid cries all the time. He puts kindergartners all over the world to shame.

Snooki and Deena decide to liven things up a bit by sticking marshmallows all over the house. Mike comes home and calls his sister. The girls whine that they want to go out and they need to call a cab. Mike gets off the phone and says he will call the cab for them. He calls the cab but tells the cab he wants it to take the girls to Times Square in New York City. He informs the cab company that it's a surprise and the girls think they are going to Jenkinson's. The guy says okay and they hang up. Pauly D asks the meatballs about the marshmallows and they laugh and say they don't know what he's talking about. The cab comes and Deena and Snooki basically harass the cab driver the whole time they are in there. They ask if they look hot and if he wants to see their boobs, etc. The cab passes the exit they should take, and the girls actually do question it, but he says there is too much traffic and they need to take another way.

Back at the house, the guys get ready to go out to eat. Mike is talking on the phone and isn't ready at all. Ronnie, Vinny, and Pauly tell him that he has five minutes to get ready. Mike goes upstairs an takes his good 'ol time. He shaves and showers and does this and that. The guys say they are starving, so they leave without him. Uh oh! Now we are going to have a situation!

The guys use their sans-Mike time to bitch about Mike. Pauly D is still mad that Mike tried to hook up with Pauly's friend Gina. They are like a bunch of women sitting around at the hairdresser gossiping. Mike finally emerges from his room and heads downstairs. Jwoww is the only one there and informs him that his bros left without him. He is pissed and says that nobody leaves out the Situation. He wants to teach those fools a lesson. Jwoww and Mike go pick up some food for him to sit and eat alone at the table. He carries on a conversation with himself and his pretend friends. I must say watching Mike pretend to be other people is rather amusing. Who knows, in Mike's head he might actually think the other people are there.

At Sammi's house, we see that she is getting ready to come back to the madness that is the Jersey Shore house. Her mom and sister tell her to be strong and not to fall for Ronnie's crap.

In the cab, Snooki and Deena start freaking out because Deena realizes they are near Staten Island. They cross a bridge and see New York City in the distance. They start squealing and they are obviously pissed. Deena realizes that Mike is the one who set them up because he called the cab company for them. Snooki swears on her dead cat's grave that she is never going to talk to Mike again. The girls stop at the liquor store before the cabbie finally makes a U-turn and heads back to Seaside. Deena and Snooki plan on pretending like they had the best time and it was the most fun road trip, just to piss Mike off and take away his prank satisfaction. Deena and Snooki decide that they are mad at the boys, so now they say Vinny has to have sex with Snooki so she isn't mad.

The boys arrive back to the house to find Mike sitting on the couch. They avoid him as they all lay around like gluttonous loads of muscle and meat. Jenni tells the guys that Mike is mad because he doesn't know why they would ditch them after he has been a friend to them. They offer Mike their leftovers and he tells them that he was pissed.

The meatballs arrive home and pretend like they had the wildest time. They say they drank and went clubbing. Snooki keeps up the charade for about 2 seconds before she tells Mike to go f himself. He says he didn't think they would be so upset. Snooki is mad at Vinny because he knew of the prank before she left and he didn't tell her. She says she almost had an anxiety attack. He says it wasn't his prank so he couldn't tell her. Pauly walks in the room and tells them in a funny voice that he's mad at them for being mad at him. They all laugh.

Ron mixes up some Ron Ron juice for everyone before they head out to Karma, and while he's mixing up his favorite concoction, Sammi walks in. Pauly D says hi like it's just another day, but then the girls all scream. Ronnie immediately heads outside. Greaaaaaaaaat. More Sam and Ron fun drama is sure to ensue.

Next week, Ronnie follows Sammi around like a stalker/lost puppy dog. The boys have Round 3 with the clogged up toilet. Snooki likes Vinny even more and says she will kill herself if he brings a girl home. Hmm... of all these things, I might be the most excited to see what happens with the toilet! Come on back next week to see if we will have a clean flush or not!