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Thread: OK this is a funny show

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    OK this is a funny show

    Watched this for the first time the other night. My daughter said it was like Survivor (no freakin way)

    Then watched it last night cuz it was on after A.I

    I thought it was pretty good.
    Roughing it though? What a joke!!
    I'd like to see them send these people out in the Amazon for the same amount as survivor (sp)

    they'd choke after a week!!

    I did like stuttering John. He was very funny.
    Melissa I liked too.
    Chris Judd seems like a sweetheart (way too good for J.L

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    I watched the last few days.

    Cris Judd DOES seem like a sweetheart and I'm glad he won...

    My heart broke when he talked about how they first met and that even now he has feelings for her. He is WAY too good for her. What a bitch.

    I did think it was interesting that the last 3 all got their fame as a direct result of someone more famous than they are.
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    I fell asleep and didn't see who won....
    I figured it would be Chris though.
    Yeah I dislike her even more now too. I saw him talking about her and he looked like he was really hurt.
    She's just gross!

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