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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    8/9 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread until at least 1am eastern time.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    who won?

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    I didn't get to see the episode, but I'm hearing that Jaret won

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    Chip and Reichen#1 chipnreichenfan's Avatar
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    Jarret, it was close though, Vanessa got elimanted half way through the episode. Jackee and Jarret had to give speeches(both did great) Could of went either way
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    Jarret won.
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    I like both of them, so I'm not unhappy that Jaret won. However, Jackaay's speech was much better. Jaret's accent is still strong and he made a lot of grammatical errors. Both, though, had well thought out comments. She just had the most poise and showed, in my opinion, the most progress.

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    Actually, If you look at past episodes and the finale, you would see that Jaret deserved to win this more than Jackaay did. Team Madison has a huge history of losing and Jackaay happened to be pure Madison. Even though Jackaay wasn't responsible for Madison losing week after week, she didn't do much to prevent them from losing either. Why didn't she put Yvette in her place when she had the opportunity to do so? Jaret was on Team Park (the team with the huge winning streak) and he never wound up in the elimination room until after both teams were dissolved. Jaret proved week after week why he should win. In the finale, Jaret practically poured his heart out to the crowd. Jackaay, on the other hand, seemed to be holding back some details. While she did make the audience laugh at some point, she really didn't go into much detail as to how she learned from her experiences. As for emotional support, Jaret had better support from his own mother than Jackaay did from her best friend. Family support is a very important factor in life. Jackaay had some issues with both her mother and father. However, Jackaay seems to still hold some type of grudge with her mother and father because she didn't invite either one of them. Jackaay also mentioned that she has a sister, but why didn't she invite her? Why did she choose to invite her best friend instead? Jackaay still has a lot of growing up to do if she wants to get far in life and Kathy was smart enough to notice that about Jackaay. In the previous week, Jackaay showed signs of low self-esteem during her interactions with that guy. Clearly, Jackaay has quite a few issues that really need to be resolved and Kathy's not the person she needs for that. A psychologist would be more suitable for Jackaay instead. I'm aware that quite a few of you may disagree with me on this, but I've seen Jaret learn more from his experiences than Jackaay ever did.

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    I didn't think that Jaret and Jackaay got to invite someone.
    It looked like the producers or someone else had the Mom and friend come.
    Jaret and Jackaay didn't even know there were going to be there.
    Am I missing something.
    If I am please tell me.

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    Does anyone know if there will be an encore presentation of the finale? I watched every episode and missed the finale!

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    Jexter same here, missed the finale, had to watch so you think you can dance and check in on rock star...sure with I had tivo
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