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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curly_Hair
    I didn't think that Jaret and Jackaay got to invite someone.
    It looked like the producers or someone else had the Mom and friend come.
    Jaret and Jackaay didn't even know there were going to be there.
    Am I missing something.
    If I am please tell me.
    I think it was a surprise to them, but my guess would be that at the very beginning among the paperwork they probably were asked for emergency contacts or something like that that no one really pays attention to. I thought it was a nice touch for them.

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    That was my impression too -- that the producers decided who would visit. I'm sure they asked them for names of family & close friends as everyone knows that sometimes on Reality TV someone from the person's "real life" shows up.

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