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Thread: Show discussion 7/12/05

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    uh ohhhhh

    jackaay and vanessa get to go on...

    the losers will be jabe, latricia or rashad....two of them...

    it's latricia....

    jabe and rashad both go. damn.


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    The list:


    Buh-bye Jabe and Rashad.

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    What was that with the dogs next week?

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    What's up with booting the guys?

    can't believe I missed this week. I was thinking the show came on at 10 and turned on the TV right as it ended.

    What's up with booting the guys? Or were they the clear losers this week?

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    Jabe is gone and Rashad???? I can't figure that one out. Park was more creative with their NY scenes as opposed to some ugly lampshades---for a fashion show?????
    Too bad cause I will miss Jabe and Rashad
    I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.
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    I was rooting for Jabe and JW. The rest I couldn't care about. I'm pretty sure show ratings might drop because it's quite obvious that Jabe was the crowd favorite.

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    To boot those two guys and keep the very abrasive and irritating Ms. Latricia is pretty hard to understand. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Both the guys were far superior to her in every way. If they want to give the win to Ms Single Mom, why not just send everyone else on back to whatever they were doing before this crappy show came along and let her start living the good life, until she gets evicted next year. I really don't see much point to the show.

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    I agree Muddah.

    I think what probably happened is that Jabe was just not going to get it and Rashad was a bit cocky and street. That is all I can think of. They are looking for a Cinderella story and they don't fit the bill. Someone with humility will win this.

    We have come to know that some contestants stay beyond logic because they offer conflict and drama. Vanessa is there for another week or two but will not get much further. She must be fit to be tied at having brown hair as Kathy sits before her in her dazzling blondness.

    Latricia, Jackay, Brenden, JW (JB? JD?) are getting the winner edit. I have thought from the start that a man would win this.

    I enjoyed the runway show with naked cowboy, street walker, gas mask and I forget the other one. Very clever. The lamp shade effort was poor.

    They glossed over the fact that Latricia could not find anything to wear in Alice Underground. I have been to that store and there are no plus sizes. Production probably rallied and found her new clothes from another source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I am watching this and recording BB.
    I did the opposite, and just got around to watching this show. I thought it was cute how they made us believe JW was naked going into commercial.

    I really wanted Vanessa to be cut. Offering to make Latricia some clothes out of the drapes? Vile woman!

    I couldn't come up with a second evictee though - I liked the other 4 on that team.

    Very sad to see Jabe go. He was my eye candy.

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    I loved the Streets of New York theme and how they tied every individual back to the Naked Cowboy. Very creative.
    I was also hoping Kathy would get rid of Vanessa. That brown hair has to be killing her. I would have kept Jabe instead.

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