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Thread: Niki

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    Please - I'm 51 and she looks older than me. I especially dislike the hair and eyebrows. She really thinks she's cute, doesn't she?

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    She looked older on the show I thought.
    She could potentially be very pretty I think, but the bright white hair and fake tan really age her, as does her choice of clothing.

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    Crabby by nature Lucy van Pelt's Avatar
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    I think she has the most potential to win this show.

    However, what is with the dark roots? There is way too much showing for it just to be in need of a touch up. If she's letting it grow out, dye what's there a more harmonious color!

    I don't think she looks that old.

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    In the last episode when the blue team was facing eiminatin she looked alot like Nicole Richie.

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    As I would like to call her poopy face!

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