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    From the official site:
    24, Queens, NY

    "If I was a Hilton, I'd get everything I want."

    John, 24, a plumber by day and a 'speaker dancer' by night, splits his time between New York and Boca Raton Florida. John attended St. John's University but is currently pursuing a pharmaceutical degree at Florida Atlantic University. He once worked as a stockbroker and is an avid writer. John, the youngest in his family, has a brother and sister 18 and 19 years his senior, respectively. In his spare time, John frequents the beaches of Florida.

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    "How you doin?"

    Johnny ought to aim for a sugar mama (or daddy); someone old, wealthy, and twisted enough to want to ride the life out of him for a few sparkly trinkets before discarding him for next years model.

    It looks like being a stockbroker requires no more skills than showing up at the right location. Lots of "previous" stockbrokers out there just out of school. I'll bet he didn't last longer than three months.

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    splits his time between New York and Boca Raton Florida
    Isn't there a federal prison in Boca Raton?
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    You are correct Bill.

    "If I was a Hilton, I'd get everything I want."
    This statement alone tells me that he's definitely NOT going to win. I'm SURE there are things that Ma Hilton or anyone else in the family wants, but just can't have.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    If I was a Hilton I'd get everything I want.

    yeah including an Elizabeth Taylor marriage in the family ancestral tree.....

    (for those of you young'uns - La Liz Married Nicky Hilton before Michael Wilding in the Mid 1950s)
    - The Dean Martin Show -
    Petula Clark: You know they say you can't buy happiness.
    Dean Martin: No but you can pour it..


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    I actually had to look up "speaker dancer" to see if it was literal. It is. He dances on top of the speaker at nightclubs. OK. I'll have to ask my daughter if they do that at the under-age club she used to go to.

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    AAAAARGGGGHHH those eyebrows! Is this the new thing with men? he/she eyebrows?

    I was so hoping he'd be the first to go. He's obnoxious. And those eyebrows....

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    Well we know where Mrs. Hilton stands on smooth talking guys and relationships between the players. Poor Johnny killed himself by being a player.

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