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Thread: I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

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    I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

    Tonight, only four men remain, and I’m sure New York has something exciting in store for them! Buddha, Tailor Made, The Entertainer and Punk find a note from New York, along with a lot of cleaning supplies and sheets and blankets. The note tells them to each pick a room and start cleaning, because their families will be coming to the mansion to meet New York and stay with the guys.

    Tailor Made’s room is by far the messiest, because he’s not accustomed to having to clean up after himself. I wonder if his wife usually does that for him? He’s okay with the cleaning though, because he loves New York so much that he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Just like he didn’t mind getting his room dirty. Super dirty.

    The Entertainer may live with his parents, but he’s an expert cleaner and he cleans every day. He’s nervous about New York and Sister Patterson meeting his parents, and knows that he’d have a much better chance in the house if his parents weren’t coming to visit. Of course, his parents are the first to arrive, and as soon as his mom finishes hugging him, she demands to meet her “future daughter-in-law.” Yeah, not if you’re lucky, lady. New York is somewhat charming toward the Entertainers, and she loves that The Entertainer’s mom refers to her as her future daughter-in-law.

    Tailor Made’s dad arrives next, and TM is pretty happy to see him. He thinks his dad is funny and that the meeting will go well. Tailor Made’s dad raves about Tailor Made's parenting skills to New York, but I think she would have preferred to hear about how much money he has in the bank.

    Up next are Punk’s mom and sister, and right away they don’t seem like they’re going to have fun in the house. Punk’s mom seems very serious and soft spoken, and Punk remarks that his mom had reservations about him going on a TV show to find a woman. Especially since that woman is New York. New York is kind of nice to Punk’s family, but then tells the camera that Punk missed the ugly gene that hit the rest of this family. New York, New York, New York… didn’t your experience with Tango teach you anything? A man does not like it when his lady says horrible things on TV about his mother!

    Buddha’s dad is excited to see his son, and immediately asks New York: “Being the beautiful black woman that you are, why do you smoke so much?” New York tells him it relaxes her, and he replies that it ages her. Ouch! Way to make an impression Papa Buddha! New York doesn’t care though- if she ends up with Buddha she will just put his dad in a home.

    The guys hang out on the patio with their parents, and The Entertainer asks his parents to cancel his dentist’s appointment so that he doesn’t get charged. His dad nicely offers to pay for it if the appointment doesn’t get cancelled, and The Entertainer tells his mom and dad that he loves them. Tailor Made thinks he’s a loser for living with his parents, and Punk is just trying to get his mom to be less upset about the whole situation. Punk’s mom tells New York that she’s been very upset about this thing, and thinks that Punk made a really rash decision to come on the show. When New York asks how Mama Punk would feel to have New York in her family, Mama says that it would take some getting used to. This makes New York declare that Punk is hers and she’s not letting him leave the house. This makes Mama Punk sob into her hands, which I think is a pretty reasonable reaction.

    New York wants to loosen Punk’s family up and show them she’s a cool girl, so she invites the Punks and The Entertainers to join her for dinner. Oh, and Sister Patterson is coming too! That ought to be fun times all around, especially since Mama Entertainer has been less than quiet since she got to the house.

    As soon as the group sits down, The Entertainer excuses himself and his mother asks Sister Patterson what she thinks of him. She tells Sister Pat to be nice, and Sister Pat replies that she has to be honest, and that she hopes the woman takes her son home with her. To that, Mama Entertainer says that New York and The Entertainer like each other, so it is not their place to decide what their kids should do. And then it just escalates from there. Pretty soon Sister Patterson calls Mama Entertainer “sloppy” and “greasy,” and New York gets involved in the yelling because she feels her mother has been disrespected. Finally, Mama Entertainer yells out something about “Low class people… mother and daughter… low class trash!” and New York and Sister Pat storm off.

    The Entertainer missed all of the fun, and tries to mediate by moving his mom to the end of the table, and pleading with New York and her mom to come back and eat. When New York and Sister Patterson deign to join their guests, everyone begins to eat, but it’s really a grim affair. Sister Patterson makes conversation with The Entertainer’s dad, telling him that he is handsome and she’s sure his wife must tell him how gorgeous he is. With that, Mama Entertainer says “Oh, you’re full of s***!” and it’s on again! The Entertainer hides his head in his hands as his mom tells Sister Patterson that she looks like a transvestite and must have too much testosterone, and Sister Pat counters by telling Mama Entertainer that is looks like she’s wearing a beaver’s ass on her head. If this was my family, I would probably hide my head in my hands too, but since it’s not, I can just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Hey, remember Punk and his family? Well, they’re still there watching this whole scene. Mama Punk isn’t used to yelling and swearing and the horrible behavior that these people are exhibiting. The Entertainer is polite enough to apologize to the Punks for the debacle, since the hostesses are too busy screaming insults at one of the other guests to bother with them.

    Well, that was a success! The next day. New York and Sister Pat plan to spend the day with Tailor Made, Buddha and their dads. She tells them to put on their swimsuits and meet her outside, which puts Tailor Made into a panic, because he’s afraid that Buddha and Buddha’s dad will look better in swimwear than Tailor Made and his dad. He does some pushups before going outside though, so I’m sure that will even things up.

    New York hopes that this time her mom gets along with everyone but I just can’t see that happening. As soon as she arrives. Tailor Made’s dad raves about how pretty Sister Pat is and then asks New York if she’s sure Sister Pat is her mother, not her sister. Sister Pat just eats it up, and things are peaceful for a few moments, until she decides to take the dads aside and tell them about how Buddha almost killed Tailor Made. Buddha’s dad doesn’t seem to believe the story of how Tailor Made was bleeding from his ears and his entire head was swollen, and he tells Sister Pat that he would need to hear his son’s version before making any type of judgment call. Sister Patterson does not appreciate this at all, so she goes on and on and on about how bad off Tailor Made was after the fight.

    Buddha overhears this talk and becomes upset because Sister Patterson is telling lies about him. Even Tailor Made admits that Sister Patterson’s story contains a lot of “hyperbole,” but he doesn’t set her straight. Sister Patterson finishes her story by stating that Buddha beat the hell out of Tailor Made because TM has money, and Buddha has a fit because New York won’t check her mother and tell her to shut the hell up already.

    Buddha storms away so that he can pout, and New York follows him. She tells him that he doesn’t care that he’s hurting her by saying mean things about her mom. He tells her he just wants her to stand up to Sister Patterson, and then New York says: “That’s my mother- she’s always gonna be right, even when she’s wrong.” Huh?

    After the less than successful meetings with the parents, New York declares that she is going to make dinner for all the men and their families. They are less than excited, but she wants to show them that she is more than makeup and hair and tight clothing- she can be motherly too. New York ties on an apron and gets to work. She’s “cooking” chicken, and luckily The Entertainer comes in to help her because I think it would have been a disaster if she had fixed the meal by herself.

    Although The Entertainer and New York have fun preparing the dinner, no one has fun eating the dinner- it’s very somber and there’s a lot of tension- especially between New York and Buddha. The Entertainer thinks everyone is too quiet, Buddha’s dad thinks the dinner is “interesting”, and Tailor Made’s dad tells New York that TM is absolutely sincere about his intentions and love for New York.

    For some reason, at some point in the dinner, The Entertainer’s dad decides to tell New York that what she sees is what she gets when it comes to his son. New York asks Mama Entertainer if she does her son’s laundry, and The Entertainer interrupts to set the record straight. He does his own laundry, and his own ironing, and he even mows the lawn without being asked! The Entertainer’s dad spills the beans that The Entertainer will only mow the lawn if it takes less than an hour, and The Entertainer throws in that he also feeds the dog.

    Elimination time, and Punk and Buddha are both nervous that they’re going to be sent home. New York thanks all the families, and then gives her first chain to someone who has shown her nothing but love- Tailor Made. The next chain goes to Punk, and New York remarks that she thinks his family likes her, and she would love to welcome them into her family. Really? Hmm. That leaves Buddha and The Entertainer. She tells Buddha that she really likes him, but it’s obvious that his dad does not like her, and half the time she doesn’t think Buddha likes her either. But, she decides to keep him around, because at least he has his own place. She doesn’t let The Entertainer down easy though- she makes sure to tell him what a loser she thinks he is, and how she is on her way up but he is still living in his parent’s basement. She ends by saying she needs a man, not a little boy and then there were three.

    Make sure to watch next week when they turn New York and her men loose on Miami!
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    Re: I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

    Thanks for the great recap

    I felt bad for The Entertainer, she didn't need to put him down like that.

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    Re: I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

    She doesn’t let The Entertainer down easy though- she makes sure to tell him what a loser she thinks he is, and how she is on her way up but he is still living in his parent’s basement. She ends by saying she needs a man, not a little boy and then there were three.
    that why very tacky and disrespectul for NY to say. and if she choses Punk, he will dump her as did tango for that genes comment

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    Re: I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

    I heard yesterday morning that New York was pragnant!! It was on a radio show that morning.......

    She hasn't even found a man yet, but she pregnant!?!
    I knoe the show is prerecorded, as well as the reunion show.
    But that was mighty quick.

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    Re: I Love New York 2 12/3 Recap: Beaver Head Versus the Transvestite

    Great recap, SEM!

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