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Thread: I Love New York 11/12 Recap: Putting the Right Thing in New York’s Mouth

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    I Love New York 11/12 Recap: Putting the Right Thing in New York’s Mouth

    Welcome back everyone. I am so glad to see people around because this show is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel and I like that I’m not the only one addicted to this hot mess. Last week we said goodbye to two men, one of them being “Mr Special Ed,” It. I doubt I’ll miss him and I can guarantee that Mama New York won’t either. This week it looks like the resident hottie is back in the house, no, I’m not talking about Mr. Boston rather Buddha. So let’s all settle in with our hepatitis results and watch this messed up tranny try to find the man of her dreams.

    Getting Hot in the Kitchen

    The men get up and are getting ready for the day by pumping some iron in the workout room. Buddha is looking mighty fine with his shirt off. Tailor Made is just, umm, there I guess. He feels threatened by Buddha’s presence and does not like that he is back in the house. Personally, I think its pure genius that he is back in the house.

    Challenge time, the men have to cook a dish for New York. They need to cook a signature dish and come up with a list of ingredients and each man needs to come up with the best recipe. The Entertainer calls his mom to get a little help. Tailor Made is making a salad and Wolf is going to make some sizzling fajitas. They men are off to a large kitchen to get cooking.

    Mr. Boston joins the men and is introduced as a master chef. I think he is more of a master tool. Mr. Boston introduces a new twist to the challenge; they must each use a cup of the mystery ingredient, ranch dressing. The men have 30 minutes to make their entrée. Mr. Wise is going to get all fancy with hot dogs and fries with ranch on the side. The Entertainer is confused how penne a la vodka is going to have ranch. Mr. Boston suggests just throwing it on the top.

    The men are going to present their dishes, the one that Mama New York likes best gets a date with New York and the dish that New York likes best will also get a date with her. The Entertainer is up and presents Penne a la Vodka which looks nasty just covered in ranch. Wolf has chicken fajitas that actually look pretty decent. Pretty has Mississippi Roll Dice which is cheesecake with ranch on it. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be good.

    Mr. Wise made New York’s dogs, basically hot dogs with ranch on the side. Highly gourmet. Punk is next and he has Bleu Cheese burgers which sound divine. You really can never go wrong with blue cheese. New York does not care for that and spits it in the bucket Mr. Boston is holding. Tailor Made presents salmon salad. This also ends up in the bucket with an amusing puking noise in the background. Buddha is up with El Pollo de New York. This is a chicken and rice type dish and it looks good.

    New York thinks the dish to die for is Wolf. He gets a date with New York the next afternoon. Mama New York is up she thinks that Buddha’s dish was the best. He gets a date with New York later that day. Tailor Made is really freaking out.

    Your Really F*&^%#@$ Hot
    Buddha is getting ready for the date and he just looks so fine. I seriously can’t believe I am saying this about someone on this show. It usually has the dregs of society and here they have this super hot, fine looking, guy. What is this world coming too? New York sees Buddha and she definitely likes what she sees.

    They have dinner in the house in some secluded area. New York is really happy to have him back in the house. New York is really laying it on thick to him and their conversation moves onto them having sex. I am so happy the discussion has gone this route. New York then tells him she has trust issues and he gives her this talk and I miss it all because I am hypnotized by his deep voice. They make out so I assume the talk went well. They head off to her room and we can only assume what happens there.

    After the date is over she goes to mingle with the other men. Tailor Made tries to talk to her but she doesn’t really give him the time of day. He heads off to the phone and calls La Pearla to order something for her. I can’t wait to find out what that is…or not.

    A Date with Wolf…and his Gas
    New York and Wolf are off to New York’s acting gig with Nip/Tuck. Wait, she actually has a role on a legitimate show? Who the hell is the casting director over there? They head off to the studio and are greeted by the show creator. He fawns all over her and tells her that Wolf does not seem like her type. They hang out in the trailer and it becomes obvious that Wolf is not really in her league. This is not going well and kind of uncomfortable.

    After they have some food and are resting from all their work, Wolf lets one rip. This highly disturbs New York. She is called off to the set and hopefully Wolf can get his flatulence under control. New York gets her time on the set, the actor’s loved her, and New York has to ask an assistant if they shot the scene or were just practicing. She is informed they shot the scene. I’m embarrassed for her.

    They arrive back home and New York wants to mingle with the men a little. Punk pulls her aside first to tell her how much he misses her when she is not around. Buddha comes up and pulls her aside while she is talking to him. Pretty grabs her when she gets inside and she tells us that she is happy that she wore underwear. I’m happy she wore them as well. Tailor Made gets his time next and presents her with the lingerie that he has purchased her. She of course is excited about it although she really wanted some hair. Damn, that’s what I usually want from men as well.

    Pack Your Bags
    The men all gather for elimination and I have no idea who is going to be out tonight. Hopefully Tailor Made because I’ve about had enough of him. The men who have love for New York are Tailor Made, Buddha, Punk, The Entertainer, Pretty, and Mr. Wise. That means Wolf and his gas are going to enjoy some time alone in a limo. That’s another episode of I Love New York and I suspect we might all be a little dumber having watched that…and possibly from reading this recap.

    If you have love for Yardgnome send me a PM. Although, I don’t care for ranch dressing so that is not part of the deal.

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    Re: I Love New York 11/12 Recap: Putting the Right Thing in New York’s Mouth

    that was just too funny when wolf farted on her

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    Re: I Love New York 11/12 Recap: Putting the Right Thing in New York’s Mouth

    Good Lord, I've said it before but it's worth mentioning again, you deserve hazard pay for this gig. Best line ever...
    So let’s all settle in with our hepatitis results and watch this messed up tranny try to find the man of her dreams.
    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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