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Thread: New York (Tiffany) - Season 2

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    New York Season 3??

    FOUND THIS TIDBIT ON THE AIRWAVES. GOOD NEWS: Georga and Tiffany are still together and in it for the long haul BAD NEWS: ...

    Don’t curse the messenger, but sources say your favorite reality star’s returning with a new spin on her hit show “I Love New York.” This third time, New York’s sharing the spotlight with her “boyfriend” Tailor Made. Cuz aren’t you curious about them enough to give up an hour of time?

    “The season is going to be called ‘New York Loves Hollywood’ and will follow her attempt to become an actress in Los Angeles,” says an insider. “They are currently trying to cast established industry people in Hollywood to be on the show with her.”

    Appropriate name for the show. Wasn’t it always about Hollywood, anyway?

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    Re: New York (Tiffany) - Season 2

    So now we have to watch him too??!! I don't know if I can watch them be all lovey dovey with each other for an hour.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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