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Thread: Not giving the right guys a chance!

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    Not giving the right guys a chance!

    Why is it we only saw a few of the guys the whole episode? A few of the guys, like Brad and Chuck, didn't get much screen time at all. Sure seems like the producers had their minds made up before the taping even began. Who cares if they can be "entertaining" for the show, it should be "Can they do great in their new careers".

    I just hope that the guys that didn't make it on the show make it bigger in life because of this show anyway, if that's possible.

    Hey Brad... Check out all the major animation studios or cartoon networks, I'm sure you have loads of talent! Hey Chuck, hope you get out there and become a great hockey coach! Your speech (even if they made it short) was great, and you would make a wonderful coach. And to the others, good luck.

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    ITA! We only got to see a glimpse of Brad's cartoons, and he was hardly on the show at all! One of the guys made a comment about his talent, but they didn't show anything but the same clip of his strip. You could almost predict who was going to be chosen by watching the show, since they were the only on the screen it seems.

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    I work with Brad, also as a dealer, and he really deserved this show! I see this guy drawing during all his breaks, and he is so positive all the time about his dreams. I get the chance to see his work once in a while, and this guy has TALENT! The little bit that they showed didn't give him any justice! Not only does he have talent, but he's very original, with lots of character.

    Good luck to ya man! I know there are good things coming to you soon! I know its your dream to get out of the casino business, and make a better life for you and your family. From what you have told me, they are behind you every step of the way. You will succeed, maybe not with this show, but something will come your way!

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    tvgal.... While it would have definitely been nice to see more of the guys, it doesn't mean that the producers had their minds made up before the show began. They edit the video after they know who makes it.. so they chose after the fact to not show more of the four that didn't move on.

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    Plus, I think we saw more of Chuck than you are remembering. You may just have blocked out his critique of the mannequinn's figure ("her waist is too small"). We also saw plenty of Jeph. In fact, we saw way too much of that costume they put him in. I agree about Brad. He was like the invisible man for the most part. I could have done with a lot more of him and a lot less of Josh, the NJ party boy.

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    Ya know, now that i've watched the show again, it was BEN who I was thinking didn't get much air time besides Brad. But guys like Josh and Frank hogged the camera the whole time. :rolleyes

    It just sucks that, although this is a TV SHOW, they don't give the guys that really deserve this a chance. Just because they are loud & crazy, they get the chance to advance.

    Does anyone know how the rest of the show works? If they cut 4 guys already, and there is 7 more episodes, what on earth are they going to do?

    Does anyone know how we can actually see what sort of comic art Brad was drawing? Seems like we caught the end of a joke, I'm sure there was more.

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