Oh my God - They included the trapeze date! And they didn't cut my screams!

We will work on ways that you all can get access to viewing these episodes - I dont have any sale or download information yet.

The LOVE is palpable on the last two episodes!

I have a lot to say - but I NEED to finish the book I am writing. So I will write more later.

HEY ~ If you want to be a part of it - quickly quickly answer the following questions:
1) When was a time you followed your intuition and it changed your life?
2) Do you set intentions? How do you achieve your goals?
3) What is a bold action you took that changed your life?
4) What are you grateful for.

Please write your name, "title" , website or email if people want to contact you.

I need these back asap.

I think it would be really fun to include in the BOOK - the ONLINE connections we have made and demonstrate the power of technology and great people.

More later!