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Thread: Alissa - The Dreamer's Story

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    the dreamer

    Alissa - The Dreamer's Story

    Hello Everyone!

    ok - I think I have sufficient proof that if I type my story it will actually post!
    I have posted this three time now - sorry for the over kill I am just figuring out how this thread thing works. Lets see if I can start a new thread.

    I love these smiley faces!

    First off - I LOVE that technology is connecting me people I don't even know who are a part of my life now! It is so wild because you guys are part of seeing how the rest of my life (or at least the next few months or so....) are going because...


    Well, I got MY guy and he is the BEST! details to come...

    And my heart is BREAKING over the cancellation because with all the crap on TV these days no one gets to see the miracle LOVE STORY that happens to me. And that is what is upsetting to me - the LOVE gets lost in all the bureaucratic bulls***.

    ANYWAY ~

    What happened to Joey?

    Well - let's' just say I am SO GLAD I trusted my intuition that something wasn't quite adding up with this guy.

    Here is the inside scoop that no one will ever know except you guys - so this is a fun reward for supporting our little "show that could" ~ but didn't.

    If you noticed on the show, he is truly hilarious - and made me laugh a lot - but he hardly ever asked me, about me. It was always the "Look How Funny Joey Can Be" show. I think the humor is a mask to cover his massive insecurity. That is my opinion, here is why:

    He created a myspace page that, in essence, was a full page advertisement of himself and that he was going to appear on the show. It had pictures, bios, stories - the whole nine yards. We were all shocked! And I was HURT because I thought he was cool and really liked me, and we just found other people we liked better.

    (You get to see this "break-up" exchange in episode 5, if you download it off the net. I hear they are going to make people pay for the download. They suck - so, I am going to see if ABC will let me offer it from my blog site with a promo for people to win an iPod.)

    Well ~ he has proved to be a shister and did the show to be on TV. He is a great actor - I was duped. And that myspace page proved it - it even had a count-down ticker to the second he was going to be on TV. That is whack.

    So ~ I could post the WEIRD-ASS emails he sent to me saying how much he appreciated getting to know me and how great he thinks I am and how that the myspace page was a total joke and was not serious in the least. RIGHT.

    But I won't to do that. He might find it and retaliate!

    And I wont post the email he sent me saying he and his new girlfriend would watch the show in the privacy of their own home because she was quite upset and crying herself to sleep at night because she was so stressed about him being on the show. WHATEVER.

    HE then throws a huge launch party at a bar in San Francisco for his DEBUT on the show. And I am sure his weepy girlfriend was right there kickin back some cool brews to help ease the pain in her heart. Creepy huh?

    THEN I heard he attended a "singles night" at a SF Giants baseball game, promoting himself as "Joey from How To Get The Guy" - that's just too psycho.

    I wouldn't have cared had he not sent me (and my ABC producer!) an email saying all those lies about his girlfriend and them wanting to live "a traditional Jewish liefstyle" - whatever the hell that means - since when is blatant lying a part of a traditional Jewish lifestyle?

    So it was just plain weird and a little upsetting to hear about all the lies and to see who he really is.


    I was shocked and needless to say very happy that I met "Grant" - who you see at the end of episode 4. We met on the beach for the first time - and I was so nervous I just kept laughing because, shizzle sticks, the guy came all the way from LA - what if he was a dork or soemthing?

    I WAS PETRIFIED that I was going to embarass myself on national television if he wasn't "all that." Even though his profile was amazing, our email exchanges opened my heart, our talks were amazing and I fell in love with who he was being from the second I read his profile, I was still really scared that he might not be that fantastic in person. So that was STRESSFUL.

    By the way - I met him on online - on JDATE - and that was NEVER going to happen - because I was NEVER going to do online dating. Then the show and the Love Coaches came along and they were really adam ant - haha - that I get outside of my comfort zone and try it. So I did.

    I have got to go now - but I will write more tomorrow!

    Peace and Love,

    The Dreamer

    *Moderator note: Please read down further in this thread, to see Joey's response, and Alissa's follow-up post.
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    That is so cool. Thanks for posting and letting us in on your life.

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    Career Girl
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    Monday, June 26, 2006
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    8:00 PM - 12:00 AM. You've seen them on TV, now see them in person! Meet the guys from "How to Get the Guy" - Joey S., Marcus Osborne (Executive Producer at 98.1 KISS FM Mornings with Renel), and Mike Sanders...list.org/calendar/index.asp?calendarID=1545> [more]

    Alissa, at least you made him an "A list-er" for once in his life. I'm thrilled for you and Grant, I've been telling everyone that you two are happily as can be.
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    Alissa, excellent!! Loved you two running towards each other on the beach in slo mo. Very cute start to a relationship. I will check in tomorrow for more. This is soooo satisfying. It takes the sting out of cancellation.

    Now get Ann and Kris to say a few words. Or you and Michelle complete the story for them.

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    Thanks for sharing, Alissa. I thought at first that Joey would be good for you because he was different but I did think he was a little too slick. The writing was on the wall when you were leaning away from him while at church. I'm glad you've found someone that made you happy and he's someone you probably wouldn't have met normally.

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    Thank you so much, Alissa,

    I'm really grateful to you and Michelle for sharing, and am happy for you that you found a good guy, if that doesn't sound too weird that someone you don't even know can be happy for you!

    I really love the behind-the-scenes stories. It adds a deeper dimension to what was shown on TV. I though they did a good job with the show, but of course we always wonder what more there is to the story.

    I was trying to get a single friend to watch the show and see the different ways people can put themselves out there in dating now, like the internet, which didn't even exist when I got married. So she saw one episode but now it's cancelled


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    Welcome Alissa!

    Thanks for coming in and sharing your story.

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    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad everything has worked out so well for you.

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    Congrats! It is wonderful to hear of a happy ending. Good luck to you!

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    Thanks for sharing your story, Alyssa and welcome to the FoRT! It sounds like both you and Michelle are better off now than with those two losers AND that you've moved onward and upward! We'd all love to hear more of your "story" with Grant!
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