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Thread: HTGTG Cancelled

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    What bad news I really like this show. I thought it was good. Not all the drama/catfights that The Bachelor has, and that was one thing I really enjoyed about it. It was really about finding love.

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    This is terrible. Michelle, will they allow you to, at least tell us if anyone is still dating someone they met on this show, whether it be a current man or someone you meet in the cancelled two episodes? I hold little hope for a download. With only 2 episodes to go it this is ridiculous. I just dont get the logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace232521 View Post
    Why does ABC continue to do this kind of thing. Would it kill them to play the last two episodes? I mean, why do they risk ticking off the ones of us that are watching the show. We'd kind of like to know if they got the guy. It was sort of the point of the show.
    I agree. ABC showed complete and utter disrespect for the viewers. Because there is so little to look forward to watching during the summer, I am completely bummed about this

    I guess I'll keep my season pass and maybe if they air the last epis at some random time, Tivo can catch it for me. Wasn't this the same network that jerked around the scheduling on the Drew Carey show to the point we thought it was cancelled, only to find out that much later they were running the last epis late at night?

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    Well crap. Hopefully we can find out what happened.

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    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...I love this show and ABC is stupid. Super Nanny is lame in so many ways.

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    Career Girl

    Eps 5 and 6

    Don't lose all hope... I definately think ABC will make eps 5 and 6 available in some form. There is talk about downloading the eps or making podcasts, etc. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for being such big supporters.

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    That sucks, but why am I so not surprised? Women with dignity, sans bikinis, hot tubs, and catfights, not willing to make a$$es of themselves for five minutes of fame and fortune -- it's a wal-mart, porn-star, paris hilton-world and I can't take it!!!

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    Really? that sucks. I liked this show. I want to know how the ladies fared with the guys they've already met and if they had any more luck. Oh please, like anyone needs to see more supernanny.
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    It's Monday night and no HTGTG

    I'm still annoyed with ABC. It's like the show disappeared from the face of the earth or at least on their site.

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    I don't like this show as much as The Bachelor. For that one, I love the sleuthing! But HTGTG was a nice summer diversion, reruns just don't do.

    The ABC site is hidden, but still there. HTGTG Link

    Note the kiss of death on that page: "The next episode has not yet been scheduled." I hate it when networks do this. I'm still burning from when NBC did it to the Last Comic Standing 3 finale.
    I hope ABC learned from that.
    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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