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Thread: 6/12 Episode Premiere Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    This may not be the best dating show ever, but I didn't think it was bad. I admit I love dating shows. Loved the show "Hooking Up" last summer. I don't think I'll like this one as much, but we'll see.

    I thought it was awkward how she was standing next to the guy in the bookstore and they were both looking at magazines -- they didn't show him looking up or acknowledging her and next thing you know she asks him if he is from around there originally. That would startle me if I were reading and someone suddenly asked me that.

    Anyway, I'll continue to watch & see how it goes.

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    Follow Up

    I'm looking forward to the second episode in order to have something to compare with the first one. Since this show has a format that doesn't involve competition(s) and people who seemingly just want to be noticed, there is nothing to compare it with. I hope it gives us men some tips on How to get the Girl as well. I'm sure these women have had an interesting trip doing the show and hopefully obtained some solid non-obvious advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Career Girl View Post
    you gotta remember that they edit these things to get our point of view. The walk with my brother was 4 hours long and what you saw was 10 seconds [oops, am I ruining the fun of reality tv]. I suppose they wanted you to get my point of view on the experience and not necessarily his. But then again, I am kind of a talker. I'll let u decide on Ep. 2

    BTW, my brother was mostly pissed because they only showed 1/4 of his head.

    whatcha gonna do? m

    ps-- if I didn't have an "obstacle" you all would be bored to tears... who wants to watch someone perfect date. Blah!!!
    That's so funny that you mention how upset your brother was because of not giving him face time. When I was talking to my mom about the show afterwards, I actually said that I thought maybe he wouldn't let them show his face. I thought it was kind of odd that we got the back view and the 1/4 face-view.

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