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Thread: Teresa Strasser - Love Coach

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    Teresa Strasser - Love Coach

    In the entertainment world, Teresa Strasser is a triple threat, having spent her career proving that she can write, host and report.

    As a writer, Teresa reached the pinnacle of success when she won an Emmy Award for her work on Comedy Central's Win Ben Stein's Money. Since then she has also written for several other television shows, including Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Outside the realm of television, Teresa is the current Los Angeles Press Club Columnist of the Year (for small newspapers) and has spent the last decade writing a syndicated singles column that has appeared in newspapers all over the country, including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. In addition to her singles column, her work has also appeared in the popular Fashion Police section of US Weekly, and she recently became a regular contributing columnist at the Los Angeles Times. On a critical level, the work she's done throughout her career has garnered several journalism awards, including the Rockower Awards for Excellence in both feature and singles writing.

    Television viewers know her best as host of the hit TLC design show, While You Were Out, a role that earned her a 2003 Emmy Award nomination. Due to the show's heavy syndication schedule, Teresa has found it difficult to escape her role as makeover maven. To this day she is still asked to redecorate homes by passing motorists and street vendors.

    Following her time with TLC, Teresa joined the staff of Good Day New York as a feature reporter, a position that ultimately helped her become the New York correspondent for both Good Day Live and On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. Her other on-air experience includes hosting red carpet coverage for both the Emmy and Tony Awards for the E! Network and TV Guide Channel, respectively, and playing a television reporter on shows like Summerland, Jonny Zero and The Jury. She has also contributed her own blend of unique commentary on numerous specials for the E! Network, including 101 Celebrity Oops and That Was Huge.

    Despite all of the success she has achieved throughout her career, Teresa still maintains that her proudest day in show business was dressing up as a Christmas tree for the Country Music Television special, The 20 Merriest Country Music Videos. Ironically the program was filmed on Yom Kippur.

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    She is funny. This should be interesting.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    She has a quick wit. Her talent was waisted on While You Were Out. I am glad to see her back. Her comments on the E! shows are a treat.

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    I LOVED her on WYWO!!

    She was pretty silly and often cracked me up. I'm not sure what qualifies her to be a "love coach," guess we'll see...

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    Re: Teresa Strasser - Love Coach

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat;1936692;
    She has a quick wit. Her talent was waisted on While You Were Out. I am glad to see her back. Her comments on the E! shows are a treat.
    I agree that her talent was wasted on WYWO. Too bad this show was canceled mid-season because she is a blast to watch.

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