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Thread: Michelle - The Career Girl

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    Michelle - The Career Girl

    Michelle was born in the small town of Fitchburg, MA, to parents Michel and Patricia. When Michelle was just a few months old, her parents moved her and 2-year-old sister Kristina to Texas, where they had Michelle's brother Michel and sister Katherine. By the time she was 4, the family had moved to Las Vegas, NV. Michelle's father attributes the many childhood moves to her mom's "wandering spirit" and the fact that Patricia had grown up as the daughter of a traveling salesman.

    The family settled on Las Vegas, where Michelle graduated from Western High School. There she was the captain of her debate team, won a national writing competition, and hosted a news program for teens. After graduating from high school, Michelle struck out for Boston with $20 in her pocket. Michelle continued her education at Boston's Emerson College where she received a BA in writing, literature and publishing. Michelle helped pay for school working in the college's library and as a live-in nanny.

    Unable to handle the harsh Eastern winters, Michelle headed back to the West Coast for law school at the University of California, Davis. Michelle was offered her first job as an attorney at 25, when she joined a large San Francisco-based law firm with offices all over the world. Since then, Michelle has been a civil litigator concentrating her practice on civil litigation and fiduciary and professional liability matters, as well as securities-related litigation and NASD arbitrations and contract litigation. Michelle became a partner with the law firm Sideman & Bancroft, LLP after just six years. In October of 2005, Michelle decided to give up her big office with a great view of the Bay in order pursue other opportunities, including a career in writing. Michelle now handles cases which she finds personally rewarding, including class actions aimed at protecting the public.

    In her spare time Michelle volunteers for ROCK (Real Options For City Kids) and serves on its Board of Directors. She is also a member of SF Spinsters, an organization of approximately 200 unmarried women. Since 1929, Spinsters of San Francisco has worked to establish a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area as a premiere philanthropic organization committed to the community. Michelle also sails competitively out of the South Beach Yacht Club, helping to crew on a Saber 36. Michelle is an avid reader and movie-goer, and also enjoys rock climbing and golf.

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    Whew! In San Francisco there are the Spinsters and the Bachelors organizations. Wonder if they still hold the annual fund raising ball? Wonder who her date was? She is a woman who has it all - why does she need to get married if that is what is implied by finding the right man? With her intelligence and drive, she would be perfect for Bachelor #9, Prince Lorenzo...nah - that would mean she would have to be on the Bachelor. I wouldn't wish that on her. Hope she does well in her own endeavor.

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    This is so sad. She seems pretty perfect, dunno why she needs some dude to define who she is. Regardless, she seems like a complete cutie, hopefully she'll find what she's looking for.
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    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
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    Ummm... your responses confuse me. Why do you assume that she's looking for a man to "define who she is" or that she "needs to get married"??

    Why can't she be on this show simply for the fun and experience? She may have everything career-wise, but she obviously doesn't have a man that she wants.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    i agree with what you think broadway... for me, just take her time... woman shouldnt look for a man to come... it will just come in woman's life with no definite time.... life isnt perfect at all...

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    According to the New York Post, "judging by the first episode, she is the one least comfortable following orders." I wouldn't be surprised to see her square off against those trying to send her on a man hunt. Sounds like she knows she doesn't need a man and won't settle for just any guy in order to make people more comfortable with her singleness.

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    Just because she, or anyone, wants marriage does not mean they want to be defined by a man. It is human nature to want someone next to you to share your life and maybe children. And there is also the promise of sex any old time you desire it!

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    It's not my place to decide if her reasons to meet a great guy are appropriate or not: whether to have a family, or not be alone, or just have a great time for awhile with someone you care deeply about.

    Being successful has it's bouquets, but if she feels lonely, that's different that feeling alone. There's nothing wrong with her wanting to meet that special guy. However, I do agree with the coaches, that if she quickly nixes every man in sight, or talks so much she really doesn't get to know them at all, then she is causing some of her own difficulty.

    If she holds the bar so high no-one can meet it, then she's self-sabotaging herself. And that would be an interesting thing to discover. Why is she doing that? Maybe, down deep, she doesn't feel worthy, even with all of her strong abilities. She does come off as very strong (I'm not saying it's a bad thing), and that can turn off guys.

    She shouldn't have to dumb herself down just to find someone intriguing and fun to be with.
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    Hey Michelle, I must say that it is very unusual to see someone that you have known in the past on TV. Im not a reality or TV junkie but i saw a trailer for the show and immediately recognized you. Kudos to you for stepping up for a "once in a lifetime opportunity." I always thought you were a very attractive, funny and interesting person when i worked in the closet (inner office) outside your office at S&B when you started there. I will be following your adventure and wish you luck in finding your prince charming. I will check in here and keep in touch.


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    Here is an interview that a local San Francisco organization did with Michelle.


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