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Thread: Alissa - The Dreamer

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    Alissa - The Dreamer

    A New England native, Alissa was born and raised in the Boston area of Massachusetts. She got her bachelor's degree in business and Spanish at the University of New Hampshire.

    Her career path includes sales and marketing positions in the magical Napa Valley and being an account executive in the wild and creative world of advertising. Currently she is a certified massage therapist, licensed in San Francisco, working at the SportsClub/LA in downtown San Francisco. She also runs a successful private massage practice and works with two of Cirque du Soleil's traveling shows as the massage therapist for the performers.

    Alissa can often be found doing yoga, meditation, enjoying vegan/vegetarian/raw food, snowboarding or atop a sunny hillside playing the didgeridoo or djembe. She loves to check out the many live music venues this great city has to offer, including the best underground dance parties known to man. To keep it all balanced, Alissa enjoys participating in Mayan and Native American ceremony. This year she will add to her healing offerings by including energy-clearing work and becoming a yoga instructor.

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    Alissa - meet Aras. And she plays the didgeridoo...perfect.

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    Not liking this one at all. Aras is a perfect match, Arielflies.
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    This year she will add to her healing offerings by including energy-clearing work
    UGH. Just ugh. I totally agree with the Aras pair-up.
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    I think it's cool they have a girl like Alissa on the show. Holistic healing arts is fast becoming a huge industry. And there are many people attracted and dedicated to it.

    I can understand her wanting to find someone like her, who likes her stuff. But I think that is where she is going wrong. There is no learning curve there or appreciation for other forms of business or other talents other than those she has.

    If she found someone who appreciates her work and her contribution to mankind, but could open her eyes to participating or appreciating other things in the world, she would probably be excited at meeting that person. But her "get real" attitude can be overwhelming. No-one wants to be smothered by another person's work lifestyle. Day in and day out.

    She needs to be like a tall blade of grass...........and BEND a little!
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    you're totally great!

    I wish I could be like that too!

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    You know, maybe it's because I live in the Bay Area and am used to this 'type' of person... healing, spiritual, etc... but I really like her so far. She's quite charming and cute and I love her sense of humor. The guys she's been dating though?? Not so much.

    And her friend with the open relationship? I loved her response to him.
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    Alissa seems to be the most unique and potentially interesting person on the show. I like her "hippy" style. Maybe since Im from the Boston area and lived in SF for many years while also being into the "zen" lifestyle, I can relate to her more than anyone else. I will be interested to see how she fairs with the guys and I wish her luck.

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    I get her, too. I suspect our spiritual beliefs touch in some area's, I am a licenced in theraputic massage and live in an area where she would feel very comfortable.

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    I like her. She seems cool and mellow. Her date with Joey was funny. As shes thanking him he leans and kisses her while shes still talking

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