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Thread: 6/30 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Can someone please tell me what was wrong with one of the singers from PM Dawn? I noticed they helped him down the stairs and then when they showed him at home, he was either leaning against something or sitting. It didn't look like he had had a stroke so I thought maybe some type of degenerative disease. They were my favorite followed closely by Shannon. I'm sorry...I'm not in agreement with the Animotion group....I couldn't help but get tickled because they looked (to me) like parents who were trying to dance like they were cool and be like they were 20 years ago....!
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    He seems to be partially if not completely blind. I was wondering if it might be due to juvenile diabetes since that was the charity they were trying to help but I don't know that for a fact. I thought they were really good too. Thanks

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    I was wondering about Prince Be myself. first because of them helping him down the stairs, then his behavior. I noticed that they were trying to make him seem very normal in the background clip, but when they said that their charity was juvenile diabetes, I was fairly certain that he is at least legally blind.
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    Really sad that the "season finale" sucked so bad. I wasn't impressed with any of them, but especially Missing Person(s). That woman needed to draw on some eyebrows.
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    I sorry to say this show was fixed as all of them were. It is funny how the rap artists won over the more main stream major artists. it just made me so mad at the catering that they did that i never watched the second songs cause i knew who was going to win. what a dissapointing series this was for doing that.

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    From a Washington DC radio station, DC101:

    Anybody see the season finale of Hit Me Baby One More Time ? Did they pull out the big stars or what? Juice Newton, Animotion, and Shannon. Boing! Anyways, the trio, P.M. Dawn also performed on the show last night. However, something that completely overshadowed their win was the condition of group member, Prince Be. As the guys walked to the front of the stage to sing, "Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss," a shaky Prince Be had to be helped down the stairs and then assisted into a chair. The group sounded fine, and like I said, actually won - but what was going on with Be? No listeners or P.M. Dawn message boarders seemed to know, so I'm going to have to put out there what my gut told me this morning: sickle cell or laziness.
    On a message board on an unofficial-official website, there was this comment from someone that obviously knows the group
    Be tells me they will be on a tour with the other contestants when it's finished.
    I wonder what that's about?

    On the same unofficial-official website, the mod was asked about Prince Be sitting and needing assistance and he said
    He's anemic - He recently developed the condition. He's getting better now.
    I read up a bit on sickle cell and anemia is one of the serious effects of the condition. But, one would think the charity benefiting from their win would have been a sickle cell charity. Ah, well, there you have it, for what it's worth!
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