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Thread: 6/30: Shannon

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    6/30: Shannon

    From the official site:

    Though she only released three albums in the mid-1980s, Shannon made a huge impact on the music world and helped set the trend for a dance sound that still pulsates in clubs today.

    Brenda Shannon Greene was born in Brooklyn in 1958 and studied singing and dance as a child. While attending York University, she joined the New York Jazz Ensemble as a vocalist. In 1983, she recorded "Let the Music Play" for the dance label Emergency Records. Its thumping, synth-laden sound set the standard for dance-club music and reached the number two spot on Billboard's R&B chart and number eight on Pop.

    The following year saw the release of her first LP, which soon went gold. Two other top ten R&B hits followed along with two additional LPs. Shannon was poised to become a breakaway star, but the closing of Emergency Records, various litigations surrounding "Let the Music Play," and the decline of dance-oriented radio stations put an abrupt end to these ambitions. However, in 2000 she released a new album, the trance-inspired "The Best Is Yet to Come," which proved that Shannon still had what it takes to get bodies grooving on dance floors around the world.
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    They played that song constantly at my high school dances!
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    I hear "Let the Music Play" all the time in gay bars. This could be good.
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    It'll be interesting to see how she's held up...

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