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Thread: 6/30: Animotion

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    6/30: Animotion

    From the official site:

    In 1984, the newly formed Animotion began getting their first airplay from KROQ in Los Angeles, and the band soon played sold-out shows all over Hollywood. In 1985, Animotion toured with Howard Jones across the U.S. and Canada while "Obsession" was climbing the charts worldwide. Between 1985 and 1986 Animotion made several TV appearances on American Bandstand, Solid Gold and Soul Train.

    In late '86 and early '87 the band went into high gear, crisscrossing the Atlantic to do videos in London, TV shows in Germany and to perform at the world famous Montreaux rock festival in Switzerland. They returned home to Southern California to play with Depeche Mode in front of 17,000 screaming fans for two sold-out shows at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. Some time in the middle of recording their third album for Polygram Animotion mysteriously, spontaneously disbanded!
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    I always thought that was such a creepy song...did they ever have another hit besides "Obsession"?
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    I thought they had one other song that got some airplay, but it beats me what the heck it was now. Obsession brings back some wierd memories for me, just thankfully I wasn't the one that was playing it over and over and over...chalk that up to a friend of mine who drove me insane with it.

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    Wow, I had no idea who these people were--and I always thought someone like Human League did "Obsession"!
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    Will htis be animotion with Cythia Rhodes or Astrid Plane?
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    The only way I ever knew of Animotion was because "obsession" was the theme song to the show Fashion Television. And they never played the lyrics, just the synth sound over and over and over...

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    It was Astrid, Bill, and Astrid's husband Charles. It tickles me that the keyboard player is now the music director for "Passions."

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