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Thread: Anyone else here find Vernon Kay annoying?

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    FORT Fanatic hikari's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    I have to take issue with The Hair.

    Someone mentioned that the Time Warp look of VK is appropriate to this show.

    To which I'd agree, except the Time Warp in question should be 1984 and not freakin' 1964!

    VK looks like the lost Beatle who got lost en route to the Ed Sullivan show & just now showed up.

    Time to make it to at least the 1990s, dude.

    Also, that Oprah-esque long trailing shout he announces the acts with grates on the nerves: "It's Shaaaaaaaaaanoooooonnnnnn!" Ack.

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    Defying Gravity Jamie5632's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    I have to confess he has grown on me, not sure why, but I actually listen to him now rather than fast forwarding to the songs...

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