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Thread: Episode 4 (12/28) Recap: Concussions and Repercussions, or Leggo My Ego

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    Episode 4 (12/28) Recap: Concussions and Repercussions, or Leggo My Ego

    Oh, hello – you there, by the door. Come on in, class is in session today, no matter what it looks like around here. I don’t know where everyone else is – you’d think it was a holiday or something. If you’ll help me wheel in the projector, I was just about to show a filmstrip about sexually transmitted diseases. I know you’ll be excited to learn all about Captain Condom and Tricky Mona. What? You’d rather hear more about the classmates from Cardinal Gibbons? If you say so…

    It is day 7 at the reunion estate. The girls return from their slumber party to find their underwear strewn all over the house. They are ever so thrilled to learn that some of the boys were also modeling their lingerie. Who wouldn’t be thrilled? I’d be especially honored if it were my bra hanging from the wall, stuffed with frozen waffles. Yee-haw. Nikki discusses throwing away the undies modeled by Meathead Brian. Go for it, sister.

    Gianni is worried about Loretta’s recent mystery date and he questions the other guys about what they know. He doesn’t want anything to come between them, now that he finally has a chance with his dream girl after all these years. As luck would have it, Gianni receives the hall pass and asks Loretta to join him for a dinner that he will cook for her. She accepts readily and confesses to the camera that she is having a good time, but since Gianni lives in Italy, she doesn’t want to get too involved. But you can’t really blame her for wanting to get a little involved, can you?

    A package arrives at the door, containing a letter. It states that the Cardinal Gibbonnites will be challenged to a football competition by their rivals from Douglas High. If the Douglas guys win, they will get to spend the night at the house and hang with the ladies. The CG guys talk a bunch of baloney about how tough they are and how they are gonna win! Yea!

    It seems that everyone at this reunion was either an athlete or a cheerleader. How convenient. The boys practice football and the girls practice some cheers so that they can cheer on their boys and distract the rivals. Nikol and Jim are both nervous about the arrival of the Douglas guys, because of Nikol’s ex-boyfriend, Keegan. Keegan and Nikol dated during their senior year when Jim and Nikol were apart. Nikol takes Jim aside to talk to him about the likelihood that Keegan will be one of the five rivals. She explains that she doesn’t want anything to come between them at this point after the progress they have made. Jim stays pretty clammed up but admits that he isn’t looking forward to seeing Keegan.

    Meanwhile, Gianni and Loretta are enjoying their hall pass together. They visit a beautiful waterfall where they swim and smooch and smooch and swim some more. They later retreat to a hot tub, the staple of any reality show (I mean, would the whole reality tv phenomenon even exist if there were no hot tubs?), where things get a little serious. Loretta tells Gianni she feels they are on the same wavelength, that they are just having fun getting to know each other. He says that while he does live in another country, he doesn’t want to spend all this time getting to know someone he likes a lot and then just say goodbye. He confesses that he feels Loretta is holding back to protect herself. He asks her to remain open to seeing what happens between them. She expresses her agreement with a kiss. Things get steamier as they retreat to the bedroom, get horizontal, and turn into one big fuzzy blob.

    Back at the estate, two other classmates are hanging out in the pool, but things are far less steamy. No need for fuzzy blob guy here. Loudmouth John and Hot Sister Torie are drinking and chatting in the pool. He tells her that he didn’t think too much of her in high school, but that he realizes now that she is also beautiful in the inside. She says she has become a better person since high school, and she tells him that he is also nicer than she thought. He takes this to mean that she is interested in him, although she tells the camera otherwise. Later, by the fire, Torie cozies up to Rebel Brien, the guy that she is interested in. Those two have been casually flirting since Torie arrived at the estate. They sit close and hold hands and make a sweet little couple. Loudmouth John sees this as a betrayal, and says he sees what Torie is made of and he will “call her out”. John seems to have taken the delusional crown from Jaime- who, incidentally, has yet to suffer a meltdown this episode. Maybe she can share some of her meds with John.

    Early the next morning, everyone is excited for the big game. Nikol takes Nikki into their room, and tells her she hopes Nikki will keep an open mind to meeting someone from Douglas. Nikki says she won’t hook up just for the sake of hooking up, but that she has an open mind. She gets a bit emotional as she tells Nikol that being around these folks from high school is bringing out her old insecurities and the two girls laugh at themselves for getting all choked up.

    Everyone goes out to the filed for the 9am game. They wonder what Gianni and Loretta are up to and if they even know there is a game. The Douglas boys arrive and it is like s face-off between two street gangs. There is tension all around, and it only gets more tense as Keegan makes his way over to Nikol to give her a hug. As the game is about to start, Gianni and Loretta come running on to the field, having recently dined on a romantic breakfast in paradise.

    Glares and stares are exchanged between the two rival teams. It appears that the competition is very much alive and well between these guys. The Douglas boys are determined to win a night at the house, and Keegan expresses how pleased he would be to defeat Jim in particular. These two growl and snarl at each other like two cats about to fight. As the game begins, the CG girls cheer their little hearts out. It is not enough to phase the rival team and Douglas slides into the lead. The game gets more and more rough, and we see Jim shoving multiple players. What comes around goes around, and Jim is slammed on the ground with great force, hitting his head in the process.

    An ambulance comes to get Jim and Nikol stays by his side, telling the paramedic that she is his girlfriend and riding along in the ambulance. I guess the game continues because the Douglas guys have won a night with the Gibbons girls at the house. Back at the house, everyone wonders about Jim and express their concern about the severity of his injury. When he and Nikol return, she tucks him into bed and tells the others that he needs to rest without visitors.

    The Douglas guys arrive at the house and everyone learns that the ladies will choose one of them to stay at the reunion house. The arrival of the “fresh meat” has stimulated some hormones and lots of flirting is going on. Predator Jen says that Bill was head over heels for her in high school (after all, who wasn’t?) and that she can tell he is still interested. However, at the bonfire that night, it is Nikki that Bill takes aside for some one-on-one time. She is obviously tickled pink to be singled out. Out on the beach, he tells her that he was hoping she would vote for him so they can get to know each other better. He gives her a little kiss and the crowd hoots and hollers at them as they both turn red in the face.

    Nikol makes it known that she does not want Keegan to stay. She pulls him aside and tells him it would be very awkward if he stayed the night because she has recently reconnected with Jim. Jim, looking in on the party from afar, sees the two of them talking and he becomes jealous, saying he doesn’t trust Nikol. He wanders over to the party for a little while, where he is greeted by many kisses and hugs. He sees Keegan and Nikol engrossed in conversation and wanders away again before Nikol notices him. He is obviously irritated and hurt as he returns to his room to mope. When Nikol stops by to check on him, he is very guarded and doesn’t have a lot to say to her.

    Bill continues to work his magic on Nikki and she is radiant and beaming. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Predator Jen, who says Nikki’s crush won’t keep her from putting the moves on Bill. The other girls are very supportive of the Nikki/Bill combo, and he seems to be their favorite to stay. Jaime explains that they wanted to pick someone that Nikki could have a chance to connect with. I’ve been pretty hard on Jaime, but when she is not obsessing over Gianni, she’s not half bad. It’s nice to see people looking out for their friends for a change.

    As the girls discuss their nomination of Bill, Jen has to rain on the parade by claiming that he had already made a move on her as well as Nikki. She says he told her the same lines, so he is not as “real” as they think he is. Nikki is visibly upset and says she does not want this tension and animosity among the girls. She sits on the porch and cries to Brien M and a few of the other girls that she does not want to compete and have to campaign for a guy to pick her over another girl. The others console her and it is obvious that many of them are on to Jen and her devious plans.

    Bill is invited to stay at the house and the rest of the Douglas boys, including Keegan, are on their way out. Bill is very happy to be chosen, but is aware that there is a lot of tension between Jen and Nikki, since they both think he made moves on them. He asserts that he never made any such comments to Jen, and that he may be in for some trouble. I’d say so, because Jen is on the prowl, and those are some claws she’s bearing…

    Next week: How the heck should I know what happens? They show the same previews every week!

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    Awesome job with a scary show OTiS. I'm disappointed there were no Jaime shenanigans to report on this week though.

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    Most excellent recap, oTVs !! Much smoother job than the choppy, all over the place editing they provide us with.

    Next week: How the heck should I know what happens? They show the same previews every week!
    Ain't that the truth!!

    And I am glad I record the show to watch it, instead of live - so I can fast forward over the part just before they cut to commercial - you know, the part where they show you every single thing that will be happening right after the commercial break, so that when the show comes back on, it feels like you are already watching a rerun!! Argh!

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    Fantastic recap one!
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    Hi, Olivia!
    An excellent write-up. I especially like the observation about hot tubs (If there were no hot tubs, would reality television even exist?). Funny because it's true, true because it's funny. This show seems to suggest that when high school people get together, high school behaviors re-emerge. Very interesting.
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